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The curse of Adelaide's straight roads

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by MichaelM, Nov 29, 2013.

  1. Hey

    So I've had my Ls for about a month now. I haven't yet bought a bike of my own, but I've been riding my wife's V-Star 650 almost daily, so it's a start.
    Anyway, I don't really feel confident to go for a ride up through Gorge Road, Chain Of Ponds etc. yet. So my question is, where are some decent places to ride in Adelaide that:

    1) have some corners?
    2) aren't quite so crazy as most of the hills roads?

    Damn Colonel Light and his grid of straight roads! Not that it matters too much, but I'm North-Eastern suburbs. Riding along N/E Road into town is getting old real quick.
  2. Try Lower NE road for something different! LOL
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  3. The Adelaide hills aren't that crazy. Get up there , just ride at your own pace.
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  4. This……go do it. Some of the best roads on the planet, stop whinging and go ride em.
  5. seaview road - from yatla vale or onevtree hill
    then have a play on range road north which connects

    its hills
    its quiet
    its a 60 k zone ).
  6. As a young probationary rider I used to commute from Williamstown to St Agnes on a 600 Pantah every day. If the roads through Chain of Ponds put you off, my question is; 'Why do you ride a motorcycle?'
  7. thats harsh mark
    i am sure he willl hit up the hills soon enough
  8. Hi Michael try One Tree Hill , Kersbrook , Williamstown , Warren Rd to Birdwood , Gumeracha , Foreston , Norsworthy Rd back to Kersbrook , One Tree Hill and home - relatively short loop with options to expand from either Williamstown or Birdwood .

    South try around Strathalbyn , Bull Creek Rd , Ashbourne Rd , Paris Creek Rd triangle . Access Strathalbyn from Mt Barker or Hahndorf if you want to avoid tight roads but really you should be ok to tackle Stirling , Aldgate , Echunga , Macclesfield , Strathalbyn Rd .

    Happy for you to pm me for more .
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  9. Not my intention to be hard on the chap. But when one is frustrated by the straight roads, yet challenged by the bends, well...

    As mentioned earlier, stick to your own pace and all is good.
  10. Not put off, just aware that going from rides around backstreets into town to Gorge Road is a reasonably steep jump.

    But cheers guys I'll check out these runs around One Tree Hill.
  11. Good on you mate, get out there and stay safe, ride your own ride.
  12. Michael don't even stress about the windy stuff mate, go at your own pace - I guarantee that at whatever speed you tackle them at, you'll finish up with a big grin on your face. When I was on my Learners and had the old GT250, I was really worried about holding up other motorcyclists along Gorge Rd but you just move to the side, let them pass - sometimes I would turn off and explore some of the random roads too. Great fun!
  13. hi
    some of my favourite roads are blacktop road hillbank to gawler via deadmans pass, or blacktop to Kersbrook, and Modbury

    there mostly straight and quiet.. theres some nice roads on the way to victor and cape Jervois too,, and return via crows nest road port Elliot..

    ride at your own pace.. and enjoy the ride and scenery..

    if you want something really straight with a bit of speed theres always pt wakefield hwy to wakefield or even wallaroo.. port Elliot is awesome too

    regards andrew
  14. Norton summit
  15. Nah mate , that's ruined now with the 60kph limits and all the lycra wannabes !
  16. pretty sure ive seen rrdevil doing norton summit
    he had red and white lycra to match.
    maybe it was someone else
  17. Yeah I'm from Southern Yorke's originally anyway, VERY familiar with Port Wakefield Road!
  18. Hey guys

    Yesterday afternoon I went for a bit of a ride after work. Followed some suggestions here and went from here up to One Tree Hill:


    Was a pretty nice ride. I think next time I'll go in the opposite direction so I'm going up hill for the slightly tighter corners on One Tree Hill Road.
  19. Good to hear Michael .
  20. Nice one, maybe go a bit further east next time, it's a bit more challenging but again set your own pace.