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The Cup

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by Fewy, Nov 3, 2008.

  1. For those interested in having a bet tomorrow in the cup and have no idea you can take your pick from these selections.
    It is a tough year this year as the Australian chances have fallen away and the overseas raiders are bringing the right horses but they find it hard to adapt to our way of racing. Having said that i think that there are only 4 genuine chances.
    My top tip is
    #8 Mad Rush has already had a start here and has Damien Oliver on top
    #18 Profound Beauty Well weighted mare and trained by Dermott Weld
    #3 Honolulu Stablemate to Septimus and could surprise
    #5 Nom De Jeu Kiwi who will run 3200 and be charging home

    If your looking for some value i give rough chances to
    #4 C'est la Guerre
    #12 Bauer
    #19 Red Lord
    Good luck :wink:
  2. Thanx mate, this will help some of us out.
  3. ye, i put down on red lord.
    Can't believe no one started a tipping topic here, well, its too late now
  4. I won second prize in the office sweep (sounds like a Monopoly card)
  5. Well collect $15 and advance to Pall Mall then! :p
  6. Well here I am in south west QLD, bet $34 and won $16 , would have got a motsa if you could bet on 4th,5h and 6th :LOL:
  7. I caught a toad fish. Only a little one but it was the only fish caught on that pier today so I figure it's better than nothing. :)
  8. Got bugger all in the sweeps at work. :(

    Nice call Fewy, 2 of your 'roughies' got in :grin:
  9. I started the day with $100 and finished with $98.... lol

    I call that a good day, considering all the long odds horses that won today.... :)
  10. chick that works in my office put 50c mystery bet on a trifecta for the cup and won $10,000.

    Lucky her.