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the CT110 bites again

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by whitelighter, Feb 21, 2007.

  1. just to let you all know after 2 years of rideing my gpx i can say not 1 accedent. yet after 4 months working as a postal officer, i have just had my 2nd stack and after braking 3 ribs the first time. this time it looks like i have done the ligaments in the rotary cuff but waiting on ultrasound results tomorrow to confurm what damage has been done.

  2. Doh, dem postie bikes is nasty, glad your not too bad tho.
  3. A common occurance when one upgrades...

  4. Yes, GPX to a postie is without question, an upgrade!

    And sorry to hear about the stack old bean.
  5. :rofl: c'mon now...you can't knock a bike that's been in production for 100+ years (and I'm referring to the GPX)
  6. Yeh but at least whitelighter didn't stack it because of a speed bump :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  7. Sorry to hear whitelighter. :( Hopefully the damage is minimal/none and it turns out you're just a sook who can't handle a little pain. :p
  8. thats a bummer man... might be because of that fact your riding more tho..

    but to save the ct110's they are a great bullet proof bike, that you can have a lot of fun on... just not any faster then 80k's :p
  9. On the bright side, it's not your bike. :grin:

    Hope you're ok and heal up dude. :)
  10. Sorry to hear about the stack.. Gotta love them little whippersnippers though! :LOL:

    Workin' as a postie eh.. It is a job with constant risk factors arising throughout every single day at work.. :(

    Hope you dont find anymore troubles on route and heal up soon :)
  11. You get compo right?? No problems...
  12. Australia Post are Self-Insurer's so if you plead a good case you might be in for it.. I know plenty of people who have had stacks at work with injuries still current.. I reckon it would be like getting blood out of a stone to get compo and not have to work. AusPost will always find plenty for you to do :wink:
  13. Hey whitelighter, at least you threw it away while working, it could have been much worse..........like hmmmm lets say 12 k/hr over a speed hump or maybe even a wrotten ronnies carpark on a cheeseburger munchie run.

    Hope everything works out for the better and your back on yor gixxer soon.
    From a fellow gixxer rider :grin:
  14. ok now the update X-ray and ultrasound are looking to be normal yet the doc still thinks that there is a tear in the ligerments of the rotary cuff all i know is that trying to move it FAR KING hurts and now to start the rehab work with a psyiotherapest