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The crashed SRAD I bought off Netbikes is finished!

Discussion in 'Showcase' at netrider.net.au started by gsxrdan, Oct 12, 2009.

  1. 2 years ago I bought a bike off these here forums, from a guy im Melbourne, black with polished frame, not going, no fairings, bent wheels, a real mess; had been crashed a cupla times. One of the Mods vouched for the engine (had been raced a little) so I bought it.
    Picked it up in a trailer and brought it back to Adelaide to mend and coddle.

    Well here she is peeps, & i'm a little chuffed meself!!! I coaxed a 2001 ducktail onto it, and made lots of parts to suit. I did all polishing, fabricating, and painting myself, I was going to make it into a streetfighter but couldn't help making a rooooly nice black SRAD.

    Completed last week, already sold to a guy who wants me to streetfighter it for him!!!!!!!

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  2. Very nice! Any before pics for comparison?
  3. Very polished
  4. He bought a fully restored fully faired bike and now he wants you to streetfighter it for him? I don't get it...

    Looks nice anyway mate, a great job. Don't know how people like you can spend that much time effort and money on projects like these to have them walk out the door as soon as they're done!
  5. Well Done!! looks great mate.

    +1 was thinking the same thing :?