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The crap wheelie is dead. Long live the Reasonable wheelie.

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Loz, Mar 27, 2006.

  1. People of Netrider, this is a big moment for me.

    I'm ready to ditch the "crap wheelie" tag, as I think I've reached a level of ability. Sadly, in reaching that level of ability, I was exposed to the tail-scraping, highchairing antics of N*A*M, so I'm now unable to claim I can do GOOD wheelies, or walk among you mortals as a wheelie god as was my original plan.

    Thus, as you'll notice in my freshly altered signature, I'm now claiming to be a member of the REASONABLE wheelie squad.

    And what's prompted this move?

    1) Over the last 6 months of painstaking practice I've developed a reliable ability to clutch OR power up wheelies of a good (shoulder and above) height, and hold them until the rev limiter or such time as I wish to descend.

    2) Towards the end of this time I have learned to place the front wheel back upon the tarmac with the feather-light delicate touch it deserves for all its waving at the sky.

    and 3) Tonight I cracked the secret of sit-down second gear launches, a skill that has evaded me since my first efforts and one that now allows me to look towards maintaining freeway speeds on the back wheel. Heh heh.

    I'm still baffled by stand-ups, can't do em at all, and I haven't worked out how to change gears without smacking back down to Earth, but I believe I qualify for entry into my own "reasonable wheelie squad."

    Thank you.

    That is all.
  2. congrats :applause:
    im still trying...
    i know my bike can it just me that cant :LOL: :LOL:
  3. I stand by my comment... i can't do sit down for didly squat... and am working towards making a decent job of standups. For now, i'll happily take your place in the crap wheelie squad.
  4. good stuff loz. you learn quick as. do you want a crash cage made up? i could make a freestyle ingenuity style cage pretty quickly.

    man i miss whoolees bad! before i killed my motor, i'd pretty much figured out 2nd and 3rd gear stand ups and could rock them for yonks. probably explains the oil starvation... but like you probably discovered, the technique for 2nd gear is totally different to 1st gear. but it is fun being able to bring it up while you're already rolling along at traffic speed.
  5. 6 months?....you need a fastrack course man.
  6. ive had my 600 for around the same time yet i still cant wheelie..
    and the only time i did was by pure accident..
  7. good on ya mate :) when I get back on a bike (hopefully!) it won't be a 250and I'll join the crap wheelie gang ;)
  8. The day I manage a wheelie on my bike will be a scary day indeed, and to be honest, I hope its never.
  9. I had one, it's called "hang out with Nam in the industrial estate."

    I picked up heaps in a couple of hours, but it's taken a few months of five or ten wheelies a day on my short commute to get confident up there.
  10. Now THAT, I would pay good money to see! :LOL:
  11. Great Loz now you can teach me, that will piss hubby off. :LOL:
    If only i could touch the ground on his zx6r :oops:

    Don't think my little cruiser will do them, change that i know she wont!

    All the best with them, when do we get to see a video??
  12. I think a video would be pretty boring. It's just hornet goes up, hornet goes fast, hornet comes down. Ask anyone who's stopped at the lights with me in the last few months :LOL:

    As for your cruiser, here's what we'll do: pizza tray sprocket on the back and I'll go pillion. Actually, bugger the large sprocket, take Voyager as a pillion and you'll wheelie without turning the engine on! :LOL:
  13. HHHrmm don't think i want to try that :p
  14. Have you tried changing without the clutch my mates tell me this works cause I wouldnt know myself :cool:
  15. Congrats on your graduation!

    I'm wheelie impressed..
  16. Yeah, I know how it should be done, but clutchless upshifts out of first gear are a pretty clunky affair on my bike unless you've got a LOT of throttle dialled in and you're right up near the redline.

    On the back wheel, especially if you've got it up to a decent height, you're pretty gentle with the gas, so what tends to happen is that in the process of doing the quick right wrist snap to unload the gearbox and do the upshift, I'll upset the wheelie and it'll come down before I can get the power up in second.

    Surely it's just a matter of practice, but it tends to come crashing down pretty quick and I'm not real fond of the fork and grolly-bashing associated with it.

    Upshifts out of second are a much smoother affair - you don't have neutral to get past so it's quicker and more fluid - so it might be a bit easier to go from second to third, I haven't played with that yet. But any wheelie that goes out past the top of second gear is going to be at a pretty f*cking serious speed.

    I think I'll give these second gear wheelies some more time to settle in before I play with that stuff. You don't have a lot of margin for error when you're high up on the back wheel in first gear at 90kmh - launching in second you're topping out above 120-130 before you redline and for the moment that's just freaky fast for me, particularly when the clocks are blocking your view of the road ahead.

    There's not a lot of places I feel comfortable with that sort of action, 'cause if a car pulls out of a side street and you're doing anywhere *near* that speed, you've got to put the front down nice and gentle before you can even think about braking or swerving.

    So yeah, probably not stuff to be messing with lightly.