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The countdown

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Snowman, Dec 26, 2009.

  1. Everybody on their L's and P's... how long until your can get your unrestricted license?

    Sorry for the lame excuse for a thread but I only have 3 months remaining and am starting to get excited and trying to find ways to pass the time lol

    Also, what bike do you want to upgrade to? will you even upgrade?
  2. I can get my unrestricted licence on 06 March. Upgrading depends on how much money I have at the time - I would prefer to get something really good that I would want to keep for a long time or not get anything at all. I'm thinking something 600 supersport.
  3. I get off my restrictions on the second of Jan. 1 week. :)

    I'm picking up a 2009 Suzuki Bandit 1250s with 497Ks on the clock on the same day!

    This week is going to go slowly.
  4. off mine in 2 days.

    will start seriously looking when i get the time. (aiming for an 05 Honda CBR600RR)
  5. Been off mine for 18 days. I'm looking to upgrade but ONLY IF I find the right bike. Been looking at some HD Sportsers (Iron 883 or XR1200X) for that cruiser/sporty look. But am still wondering if I should get the Triumph Street Triple-R 675. I just don't want any inline 4 engines. As I've always maintained... if I want a I-4, I might as well be driving.
  6. Well ive had my Ls for 2 weeks, so, a while yet :D.
  7. 11 months left of restrictions lol. The 1100S Monster is looking like a winner, although nothing is definite without test rides.
  8. My choice of bike changes literally every week but is always a supersport. This week I want a 2005ish model Kawasaki ZX6R, a few weeks ago the 2000 model R6, a few weeks before that I wanted a 2007 CBR600 :p

    Ill try and test ride a few before I make the final decision... But I bet Ill be blind with excitement and buy the first thing I clap eyes on =/
  9. I'm the 3rd, so a week also.

    I'll be aiming for a street triple R in orange, hopefully about a week or so after that. A lot of sacrifices made this year to save up that sort of money! But it will be oh so worth it!
  10. 356 days to go.

    Who knows what I'll want then.

    At the moment I've got my heart set on a black 2010 Triumph Sprint ST ABS
  11. Sprint ST was top of my list but I got a really good deal on the Bandit.
  12. 8 months left on mine... I might upgrade to a GSX650 but maybe something will be around that takes my fancy by then.
  13. During the year that I was on my RE licence, I did as much riding as I could and counted the days (really) until I could upgrade (a year and a day). Luckily I already had a bike waiting for me but those 12 months really dragged by. Do a lot of research and sit on as many bikes as you can, one will stand out.
  14. haha i feel exactly the same. Im steering between the ninja or daytona 675
  15. I sit for my P's on the 4th of Jan, so a year and a week or so. Sigh :(.

    Looking at a Ducati 848 as an upgrade. Depending on whether I buy a house this year or not. I want to keep renting for a few years, but my girlfriend wants to buy. She clearly doesn't understand that I want an upgrade bike!!!
  16. Some time around the middle of June '10.. so thats about 6 months

    I'd love to get a VTR1000, the bigger better brother of what I got now.. Only I like carbies more than EFI, but the carby version is naked with analogue guages and the fully faired one with Digi dash which I want is EFI
    Plus I probably wont be able to afford either of them... which is going to suck

    Student budgets are poo
    I got my bike for $1200 delivered and even that nearly broke my budget at the time

  17. Its 3 years on your P's now if your under 25, glad i got in before that rule :D

    buy the house and add the bike on top of the mortgage, she wont even notice ;)
  18. Only in shit states :p
  19. True that. From looking at the VicRoads website, I'm only on my P's until such time that I come off my probationary car license, which is in June. But I have restrictions for the full 12 months. At least I'm hoping that's the case!!
  20. In Vic. it is display P's while you are a probationary vehicle user (car or bike) for a 3 year period, but bike restrictions are only for 12 months regardless. In a car you have restrictions for the entire probationary periord. After 12 months of bike restrictions you can ride an R1/Blade/GSXR etc. and still be on P's.

    Don't hold me to this but it is my understanding of the Vicroads rules.