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The Countdown Begins...

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by dane75, Dec 4, 2008.

  1. Ha Ha bet you thought it would be something interesting.... but it's just another got my P's thread.

    Passed my licence test today at DECA in Shep, was fairly easy even though I lost a few points for things, my swerves were pretty crap.

    Remember the Training Accidents thread? Well one of the guys on the course with me was really nervous and emotional and a bit strange to be honest.

    During the quickstop for the test he slammed on the front brakes only and managed to do a huge stoppie with the bike nearly bloody vertical before it fell over hitting his leg and smashing on the ground hard enough that petrol spilled out and the brake lever broke off... needless to say he failed.

    He got another go at the test after the rest of us and failed again by only a few points. The guy was nearly crying and was carrying on that he was a loser etc before walking out and back in several times requesting a retest.

    So now I begin the countdown till I am off restrictions and can upgrade and take a pillion :grin:
  2. Congrats on getting your P's Dane :cool: .

    only 6 months left on my p's now, time flies, just take it easy :)
  4. Congrats........remember good things come to those who wait
  5. good stuff :D

    doing my P's on monday,.. bit excited :D
  6. Congrats, now the learning begins in earnest.

    The basket case should have his learner's permit removed and be consigned to a life in a cage. Anyone that unstable (in both senses) does not deserve to be allowed on a bike.
  7. Thanks guys

    TP I agree and I think the instructor felt much the same, the guy was saying after he disconnects his front brakes and only uses the back ones as I think he must have done it before a few times.
  8. Congrats on those P's mate !!
  9. Good luck for Monday Enigma, and well done Dane! :grin: :woot:

    Agree with TP's assesment of the guy in your class ... did I understand correctly that that fellow "disconnected his front brake while on L's"? :shock: No wonder he fkt up in the test, stoopid B! :roll:

    L's only three weeks old, but I'm already booked in for my P's in Feb! I'm excited too! :p
  10. WTF!!!
    that's nuts! he deserved to fail by the sounds of it,

    congrats on passing though!
  11. *looks at previous post*
    What they said!
  12. Congrats on passing your test.
    :biker: well done!
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  14. congrats on the pass

    and it sounds like that other dude is too much of a danger to himself to be on the road on two wheels.
  15. or in his case, on 1 wheel