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The countdown begins...

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Choofalong, Jan 9, 2012.

  1. Well! Things be going good, if a little interesting...

    I've been looking out for bikes, making some enquires, and it's looking like I have secured my first Bike!

    No deposit has been made, but the guy is talking about delivery already, so THATS a good sign! It's a 1983 Honda CM250 Custom. At the moment, it is South of Sydney (wrong side for me in Newcastle>.<) and it's pretty much down to them trying to organise a Trailer.

    Before we actually aggreed to the price, I was lead to belive that I would be able to get it delivered early in the week: this has now changed to saturday, so I was thinking that I cbf'd waiting, and am gonna try and organise to pick it up tomorrow (Tuesday) afternoon. I am slightly worried about having to go through Sydney itself on what would be my first ride, but I have a friend in Sydney who is at least willing to have me over until later in the night, and escort me to the North of Sydney, or even further if I am not feeling confident.

    Not really wanting to get into too much further detail, as it might jinx it or something... but I am excited, and things are looking good so far.
  2. Sounds promising. Belt drive?
  3. Reminds me of my first bike days on the CB250RS. If you can't trailer it then the escorting idea is probably a wise move. Keep it safe and good like with the new bike (when/if you get it)
  4. Unfortunatly, no... this was one of the ways I was able to drive down the price a little more. He was saying for Collector, I mentioned for 83's that Belt Drives are the original for this model :D

    tbh, I was pretty much going off a few articles i read, while doing some research on the bike, so have little to no idea if that would be the case (Belts being more appealing to said collectors), or if it a good thing or not that it has been changed to a Chain.

    There is a Belt Driven one elsewhere, but is even further away then this one in Sydney >.<
  5. Nothing too stressful if you stick to the highways and pick the time of day mate ;).

    It will be worse riding it back up the freeway - especially climbing up ku ring gai, over hawkesbury river bridge and mooney mooney bridge with those hills... Sydney however, on a nice light bike = ideal. Freeway on a small bike = good vibrations :p. In any case just remember to relax your arms and wrists and keep that head moving around in observation mode. Tense death grip is bad.

    Good idea if someone can give it a test ride before you hand cash over, so maybe your mate can help out there.

    Not sure what you budget is like, but Sydney>Newcastle bike transport from a company that can do inspections prior to collection surely couldnt be more than $250ish?
  6. Belt drive may be expensive to replace. Seems many are converted to chain drive and they probably went back to chain drive for the '84 for good reasons. I'd go for the chain drive if I had this bike and the belt needed replacing. More work maintaining the chain but possibly extra flexibility with the gearing should you need or want to change it.
  7. It seems that anything pre-1989 is suddenly "for the collector" .... :-s including anything that five years ago was a cheapo learner's bomb?

    Anyway, that should be a good first bike to choofalongon, and an easy introduction to bike maintenance too. I remember at the time of buying my Yamaha SR185 that I almost bought a CM250. I went to coffee with some friends, but I couldn't concentrate on the discussion because my mind was so absorbed by yearning for the incredible thing.
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  8. Well! I got my first Baby, WOOTS! It's the 1983 Honda CM250 Custom, and the engine runs Beautifully! No smoke on Start up or after warming up or Running :D

    I do need some help though! I rode through Sydney last night (and the Bridge was shut down... so of course it still felt like Peak hour going on 10 pm... Scary for the firsst ride!)

    Thing is: while everything worked when I picked up and on test ride fine: Soon after heading into Sydney, I noticed my Right habd side Blinker would stay Solid... Or not even come on at ALL! I have no idea what could be wrong: I tried pushing all connections and stuff, to put them back in, if they'd fallen out or something, but still having the same issue >.< The actual Light/Indicator on the Dials are going in time with both Blinkers (Left working perfectly) so I am sorta thinking it might actually be the Switch, not the Wires or connections.

    Anyone in the Newcastle area familiar with Bike Electrics and might be able to help with this issueand maybe give me few pointers about regular/basic Maintenance?
  9. Flasher relays fail from time to time. A bike shop or car parts shop will have a cheap universal replacement for under $10. Take yours with you to get a good match.
  10. I agree Matt flasher cans are a possible problem area but I don't think so in this case because Left hand blinkers work, right hand don't. It is the same flasher can. Usually this is a sign of one of the globes on that side either front or rear being blown.

    Do this Choofalong, switch the right hand blinker on so that it stays on. and then check the front and rear blinker lights are also on. I think one of them will not be on and that globe is probably blown.
  11. I have no idea what the Flasher relays are: the Fuses look intact though...

    When I put the Switch/Blinkers to the right: Niether the front or rear Light comes on anymore (not even staying solid anymore >.<) The Light/Indicator for the Blinkers in the Dials don't come on, like it does when I use left Blinker.

    A friend, who only has VERy basic car mechanical Knowledge suggested that if it is not the Fuses, it is most likely a loose connection.

    -Sigh- looks like I am gonna have to take it into a Shop to get it looked at. Anyone know a Trustworthy Auto Electrician or Bike Repairer around Newcastle that is recommended? I am thinking about just going to the nearest one to me: Boolaroo Motorcycles... I have heard that he is a little expencive, but very thourough
  12. I agree with cjvfr as a first check.
    Congrats on getting your first bike and making the trip from Sydney.
  13. Check the globes. If one was blown the other may have taken more current and made it more likely to blow as well.
  14. Ok: I took off the Blinker Covers: The Globes look Clean, and the Filament thingy seems to be intact.

    One looks like... a Spring-type Filament, the other seems to be a solid Wire, going from one to the other: Should I just go and get 2 Matching ones?

    Or is this looking like it would be a connection issue? Or even the actual Blinker Switch being broke? Argggh! I wanna go for a ride, but not going with no Right Blinky!
  15. You could try new globes. No harm and minor expense. It does sound like possibly an open circuit / bad connection or maybe the relay.
    You can always use hand signals.
  16. Good news! I learnt how to take out a Clutch Cable!

    Bad news >.< My Clutch Cable (apparently) was stretched very badly... and finally snapped :eek:

    I will be going to get 2 new Globes... plus a Clutch Cable... I also need to get a new front Tyre!

    Mate turned up with some mechanical Knowledge and picked up on these pretty fast (I already knew about the tyre, before I bought) He also seemed to think the right switch itself maybe the problem... said it didn't "click or feel like when I put the left one on". About the Relay... How would I check/discount this as a problem?

    Sooo... basically: I am gonna be going to get a Clutch cable from Boolaroo (only place I can walk too, YAY!)... omg, I thought I was over teh walkies :(

    While there, I am gonna ask about getting Tyre done, and picking up a couple Globes... If the Globes not fix the problem, I'll get him to check out Switch when doing Tyre or something if he can do a good price...

    Oh, CRAP! Just realised I don't know what tyre to get, or size... or bloody anything about tyres! -Runs off to Google- :eek:hno::eek:hno::eek:hno:

    EDIT: Why doesn't these sites with all the specs and stuff come with Translation guides? Seems I need to do some heavy research tonight... Any help would be appreciated. i don't wanna put links to other sites up: but a 1983 CM250 C is a bike that is pretty easy to get info for... if you can speaky teh lingo!
  17. See if you can get a manual for it. Haynes manuals are reasonable. That will have basic troubleshooting info, and more, in it and save Googling specifics (mostly). It should also have the specs including tyre sizes and how to read and understand the tyre info. The tyre size and info should be written on the tyre sidewall. Some of it you might not follow yet without a manual or a bit of research.
  18. The flasher can is just a relay that makes the lights blink, there is only one that is used for both left and right blinkers. I would think if the switch feels a bit wonky then it probably is the culprit.

    If you want to tackle it yourself, you can dismantle the turn switch so it is open, careful sometimes there are retaining springs and contacts that can spring out when you do. On the CM250 there will be three wires, Green, Light Blue and Orange. Short the green to the light blue with a bit of wire and the left indicators should blink. Short the green to the Orange and the right indicators should blink. If they do then it is definitely the switch.
  19. I have already ordered my Owners/Service manual :D

    Will go and check out the Blinker Switch in that way... I would like to at least know if it is or isn't the Switch.

    Other then that: I a on the hunt for a new Clutch Cable! I thought they would pretty much be universal, except for length... apparently not though: I have to find one for the exact bike? Oh wells, the crash course in Maintenance is getting underway! At least it is just the external/easy stuff. The Engine purrs like a Kitten :)
  20. -Sigh- Well, she's in the Shop... And it seems I am not the mechanical type: couldn't even get the Clutch Cable on right!!

    Meh... I got it to the shop alright, and she's in there getting a look at... The guy a B&C Cycles at Boolaroo was friendly and helpful enough, even to the point of not laughing about my losing a Bolt and letting the Rubber piece fall off! He just adjusted something (took like, 30 seconds) and said that'll get you to the shop! It did... and now another wait/countdown Begins :D