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The cost of tires (or tyres to you folk) in 'Stralia

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by SAMB, Apr 25, 2012.

  1. Heading back to Toronto with the fam to introduce the little one to her Canadian fam and luckily for me, the timing of it just so happens to coincide with me having to replace my rear tire. I got quoted $279 for a Pirelli Diablo Rosso II 190/50/17 here in Melbourne from both the dickfaces on Elizabeth St. as well as a reputable, small bike shop in the suburbs.

    I've managed to source the same tire from a Canadian supplier for $143! HALF PRICE! I've been here 3 years and I'm still amazed how much we get ripped off over here for pretty much everything. If only it wasn't a nearly 30 hour trip and at a cost of about $4K for us to fly back.
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  2. You can import your tyres direct to your door from a couple of US suppliers.



    I used this site for my last front tyre only replacement and saved $50 on local price after tyre fitted to bike.
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  3. How many can you fit in your luggage? lol
  4. Only the one I'm afraid. I'll have to fly back in another 6 months or so.
  5. Like alan55, I import my tyres from the US. Rocky Mountain ATV/Jake Wilson are great; I saved hundreds of dollars buying Power Pures from them.

    I've seen many an argument about how we should support the Australian sellers, etc, but I disagree with that way of thinking. - Sure, if the difference was only a few dollars then I would be happy to buy locally but when the difference between what we pay and what the US pays for the same thing amounts to hundreds of dollars, something is vastly wrong. From what I've been told by people in the industry, I believe that the middle-man importers are largely responsible for this state of affairs so I am more than happy to do business in a way which cuts them out completely.
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  6. I can make mine last that long :LOL:

    Seriously, it's economies of scale. The collective population of North America is around 500 million, and our's, well, less than the state of Georgia.....
  7. Taxes, duties, parallel import laws also play a part
  8. I think Im the only motorcycle shop who supports people buying in tyres from overseas. I make more money out of a set of tyres if a rider brings his own and I just charge the standard hourly rate to fit them than if I supply and fit them from the Aussie supplier. Tyre sales are a pain in the arse due to the fact people expect to get them fitted for free, so any money you make on the sale you loose in the labour that you have to give a way fitting them.
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  9. Does anyone know where I can get the Dunlop GT 501 or Bridgestone BT45 for my Ninja 250r? Jakewilson doesn't have the right size. It's 130/70x17 and 110/70x17.
  10. That's an oft-repeated lie, used to placate irate customers. - While it is true that taxes/duties/etc apply, they make up only a very minor part of the ridiculous pricing disparities to which we are subject.

    If an importer is trying to tell you that duty/taxes are the reason he is charging $500 for an item which costs $250 in the USA, laugh scornfully in his lying face.
  11. Yes, I see your point. I quite sincerely believe that what you are doing is the business model that will be adopted by more and more bike shops, until the middle-man importers go out of business and tyre retailers simply import directly from the manufacturer.
  12. Yawn, this topic again.

    Is there anyone that is on the internet that doesnt realise that you can buy sh&t overseas? You make it sound like you just discovered this.
  13. Whilst it is true tyres are far cheaper in USA and Britain , by the time you add freight (quite pricey from USA)and the extra cost of having them fitted then the savings are often minimal .You save the VAT if buying from Britain and you do not pay GST here.If you shop around you can find the cost here can be fairly close to importing your own.Remember if you have any problems with imported tyres you are stuck with them .At least Australian dealers are bound by consumer protection laws.
  14. Balls. - I know plenty of people who have saved >$150 on just one set of tyres. Do you consider that "minimal"?
  15. you can buy what from where now?
  16. you know

    I know

    Lots of others know

    what are you adding to the thread by ridiculing someone who found out???
  17. My closest bike shop is 110kms away (I live in SA country) and my local Tyrepower dealer supplies a lot of dirt bike tyres for the farmers and providing I take the wheel off they will charge $15 to fit.
  18. And why Sidi boots on average are $200 cheaper in the US than here in Oz.

    eg. Sidi ST boots - BikeBiz (Oz) = $600; STG or Revzilla (US) = $395
    Shipping is around $30~$40 from the US

    Okay, our population IS much smaller and we're a long way from anywhere BUT 50% markup seems a tad greedy.
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  19. Don't I know this to well...and it's not just tyres. I just finished putting my R6 back together from a crash at QR last year. It cost nearly 4k to fix with US parts, if I was buying Australian I would have scraped it and cut my losses.

    Off the top of my head...
    Rear subframe - from america $350 posted, from Australia $700
    Fuel Tank - from America $650 posted, from Australia $1100
    Front Fork - from America 700 posted, from Australia $1400

    In fact Yesterday I ordered the last few bits and pieces that I missed before which came to a total of $18 from the US. I had to order these locally as I need them before next Monday...$56 from Australia.

    How are you supposed to support Australian 'business' when prices are inflated in excess of 50%.

    This was the bike for reference...
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  20. Two Bros. exhaust for my VFR: <$600 delivered from the US; >$1000 here.