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The correct way to wear a neck warmer?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Mouth, Jun 29, 2005.

  1. How do people where they're neck warmers? Do you put it on and then close your jacket collar over the top of it, or do you close the jacket collar and sit the neck warmer over the top? I think it's best with the collar over the top for me.

  2. i usually have mine over the top mate,but im also usually in a one pice leather suit so its not an option to have it underneath really. 8) They do work better when underneath your jacket collar though ive found on the odd occasion i wear my jacket and draggins. :wink: 8)
  3. under the jacket but over my jumpers collar......but its usually a bit tight then so the top jacket button doesn't get buttoned as a result. grabbed my balaclava tonight and will try that tomorrow night to see how that works.
  4. Over the top of jacket and over the chin under the helmet...if this makes sense :wink:
  5. Under the jacket works for me, especially on the way home this morning.
    Bit Foggy :shock: :shock:
  6. Round the neck...:LOL:...sorry, couldn't resist.
  7. There's always one, isn't there?? :p

    I wear mine over my junper's collar, under the jacket. Then tuck it up under the helmet to cover my mouth. Cuts the fogging a little.
  8. I wear my neck warmer outside the collar. It won't fit underneath.
  9. Makes sense .... mine gets pulled-up to sit across the bridge of my nose
  10. When it is cold but not raining, I wear the neckwarmer under the jacket collar close to the skin to keep in as much heat as possible. When it is raining, I wear it on the outside of the jacket, and it can act as barrier against the water, and keeps it away from the skin and from going down my jacket when it is really bucketing down (like this morning!)
  11. I cut an upside down "u" Shape out of the back of mine so that it sits down on the collar at the back and goes inside the collar at the front. This stopped the "Too Tight" problem and also lets me get it up over my nose to stop fogging.
  12. I have a high neckline jacket and my neckwarmer works fine. As I said above, I even pull it up over the bridge of my nose. Pressed between the bottom of my cheeks and the helmet lining, combined with being in under the jacket collar, it doesn't budge a bit. Maybe try a different technique before lookign at other products?
  13. You'll see an order very soon from me. I saw someone with one at the coffee night I was at the other week and it took my interest. Finally getting around to ordering one. They look top quality and very warm
  14. I was wearing a neck warmer, but recently bought a Fog Off. This has resulted in positives and negatives.

    Positives - FAR FAR less bulky than a neck warmer, snug confortable fit, warm neck and underside of chin, jacket collar does up with ease and comfort

    Negatives - FOG ON but only when standing still, have to raise visor to allow fog to dissapate, sunnies do not sit same on face as the Fog Off goes over your nose, tend to forget to do up helmet chin strap (can't really explin this)

    All in all, I think the Fog Off is more comfortable than a neck warmer and even with the negatives I am using it everyday.

    Specifically as to your question - under the jacket is better, IMHO
  15. the Neck warmers are too thick to wear under the jacket collar I find... but I've gone to just wearing a bandanna to keep my face and neck warm...