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The correct way to buy/fit and wear winter gloves

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Mouth, Jul 12, 2008.

  1. Had a couple of questions of late of what is the correct way to wear winter gloves. And have also seen a few riders on the roads not wearing them correctly.

    Thus, for anyone who is interested here is how you should wear them. Very easy to understand ....

    When on the bike; if your elbows are higher than your hands (most sports bikes) then the cuffs of your jacket is worn over the gloves. If your elbows are below your hands (many cruisers) then the cuffs of your gloves are worn over the top of your jacket.

    When purchasing winter gloves, the fitment is much the same as summer gloves ... ensure a close/tight fit across your hand (from thumb to opposite side) without compressing your thumb in under your hand/fingers. Also ensure that when the glove is held/pulled tightly to webbing between your fingers (pull the glove down towards your elbow as tightly as your comfortably can) that none of your finger tips feel like they are being compressed or pushing/stretching the gloves fingertips. Your fingertips should be snug but not compressing/flattening teh fingertips of your gloves.
  2. I'll add...

    When fitting gloves an important thing to check is your thumb.. if the gloves are too long it makes indicators hard to change.
    Also when removing waterproof gloves, the reason they are waterproof is they have a membrane/glove inside, you must pull the fingers off individually or you will pull the membrane out which can be quite a pain to get back in. The reason they don't stitch it in is that it will then have holes in it which negates the purpose.
  3. Yeah, okay, thanks, but the most important question remains unanswered: which glove first?
  4. I accidentally wore my cuffs on the outside on a sportsbike once
    and the space-time continuum exploded! :p
  5. I like to wear one cuff in, one cuff out.
    That way any water that gets in one can drain out the other :grin:.
  6. :rofl:
  7. Doesn't it depend (entirely) on the glove/jacket itself? Lotsa winter gloves are "flared" and difficult/unsightly or plan uncomfortable to squeeze into many jacket cuffs.
  8. OK, here's the definitive answer for all who wonder about this extremely involved topic... entire PhD theses have been written on the subject, but I'll give it to you straight:

    How you should wear your gloves (not just winter ones) depends entirely on the weather. Well,the weather and the glove, I suppose - if your gauntlet is too large to tuck it in then I guess that's that! But assuming you can wear it either way, ask yourself one simple question:


    If the answer is NO, then doesn't matter - wear whichever way feels more comfortable, or you think it looks better or whatever.

    If the answer is YES, you need to really concentrate your entire brain power to consider the next question: WHICH WAY WILL THE WATER GO? The answer to that question will depend, as Vic pointed out, on your riding style. If you have ape hangers on your bike then your fingers are likely higher than the wrists - so wear the gauntlet on the outside, so water will drip freely over the cuff and away.

    For most of us, our hands are lower than the wrists. We need to tuck in, so water dripping down our arms doesn't pool against the gauntlet and find its way into the gloves!

    I tend to wear wet weather gear over my regular jacket. In this case, I wear gauntlet over the sleeves of my regular jacket, then I put the sleeves of rain jacket over the gauntlet. If it's really wet and I can be bothered, I also wear overgloves - I tuck them into the sleeves of the rain jacket as well. Not a drop gets in!
  9. Ahh soo...

    Well when it's raining heavy I hunch up & lower my riding position, bend elbow MUCH more, to the point elbow-wrist is almost a horizontal line.

    But you & OP are rite, my cuffs get wet when the water eventually flows down eg. sit up in traffic.

    Hmm, do I see an excuse for getting some new gloves ...?!
  10. I didn't say a thing ;)

    But you are spot on with what you posted.

    If it rains, because any rain that hits your arms will flow to the lowest point you wear your jacket over your gloves so the water runs off you completely.

    If you do ride a bike that has your hands at the highest point then you wear your gloves over your jacket.
  11. And I forgot .. always make sure your hands are dry before inserting them into your winter gloves. If they are wet, your will only hold the water within your gloves and you'll never get your hands dry/warm.
  12. You know it is possible to get gloves AND/OR jackets with
    a double cuff so that it can be inside and outside at the same time...

    but just don't put both cuffs on the outside or when you reach 35mph
    you'll accidentally go back in time and kill your own grandfather
    and cease to exist. :grin:
  13. I've always worn my cuffs on the inside (which I think looks better if nothing else) but I've had so many comments that I was under the impression it was rare to do so. Apparently not so.