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The Cops, The Fuzz And Mr.Plod.

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by 2up, Aug 7, 2013.

  1. The question I pose has been touched upon in many times other threads so maybe it deserves at thread of its own. (Or merged if there is an existing thread)

    Do the police target motorcyclists anymore than other road users?

    In my opinion, I find that the police tend to target speeders in all types of vehicles, younger drivers, modified vehicles and unroadworthy vehicles in preference to motorcyclists.
    My experience is that I don't get pulled over, RBTed or license checked anymore often on my bikes than in my car..in fact I would say that my car has attracted more police attention than the two wheelers.
    Now, I don't want to hear any BS stories like "I woz only doin' 150 in a 80 zone when the cops busted me.That cop was hiding behind the billboard just waiting for a bike to come along. Bet if I was in a car he wouldn't have touched me. This is harassment" or "Yes, I know the boom gates were down but there weren't any trains coming...so why pick on me? The cop just didn't like bikes" Yes, I have heard people say similar things and the sad thing is that they actually believe themselves. eg. I have a mate who reckons the police pick on him. I've ridden with him and he goes everywhere at a million miles an hour..must be the cops fault he's always running out of points. He just doesn't get it!! Do the crime, do the time so to speak...I'd be keen to hear genuine examples of police harassment.
    Over to you. But my feelings are that, generally, motorcyclists aren't targeted anymore or less than other road users. I do realise that there may be exceptions such as, in a small country community there may be a local policeman that has a personal vendetta for example...so let's just try to look at the big picture.
    Fire away.

  2. Personally i don't feel that i have ever been targeted whilst on a bike. I have before in a car but that's due to different circumstances. The bikes have ridden are all small unassuming looking things that do not attract attention and really dont go fast. So i have had no problems. A car i had in past was a touch loud and i had big bright P plates on it, this caused me more issues than anything else.

    2 examples of exactly the same situation i was involved in:
    Loud car with P's, driving in the right lane of a 3 lane road - Got pulled over and questioned to whether i knew it was an offence to not keep to the left lane when no traffic was around. License check, looked over the car and a warning was given, then let on my way.

    Small bike (suzuki GN250, wearing full gear, full license), riding in the right lane of a 3 lane road - Police car driving along came up in the lane to the left and gestured that i should be changing lanes to the left, then drove on and left me alone.

    I think the police will target anyone they feel like. If you do something wrong and they see you, you will either get fined, warned or a stern look. I don't think it really matters if its a bike or car, I think it more matters on your appearance and the type of bike or car.
  3. I was once stopped for a non-random breath test, halfway up the long hill on Belconnen Way, next to Black Mountain. Ms Plod literally* said, "I only stopped you because it will be a funny story back at the station."

    On my pushbike.

    * Literally literally
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  4. So 2up has a statistical sample of one, himself.

    That means that the three road blocks at Healeville that I saw Late Feb/Early March (IIRC) that were only pulling over riders was a figment of my imagination.

    So the reports of unmarked bikes pulling riders over for "license" checks in the yarra ranges a while back were also figments...

    But you could be right, it could be just our persecution complex that has no basis in actuality.

    Carry on.
  5. There's a big difference between a targeted operation that's focused on motorcyclists and a random sampling of who the police pull over in the ordinary run of business.
    There's also a big difference in who is responsible for it.

    I don't think that regular day to day patrols necessarily focus on riders, but if you're young, on a sportsbike and/or stunting it might feel that way.
  6. And I've seen roadblocks on the Hume Hwy only pulling over trucks..

    And I've seen the police drug testing only young drivers in the lower end of King St. in the early hours of the morning.

    Come on guys, everyone gets a serve at one time or another.
    Toughen up princesses..it's not just you in the sights of big brother.
  7. Police definitely target certain groups at various times.
    I was living in Sydney back in the early noughties and vividly remember being involved in several road block situations where only bikes were pulled up. These were supposed to be for licence checks but what the police were more interested in what exhaust you had on your bike and whether it had a sticker from the manufacturer stating it complied to the ADR of the day. The weren't actually interested in how loud your bike was. The sticker stating that it was legal was all that concerned them. No sticker resulted in a fine evenif the bike would have been quiet enough to pass an noise emmissions test.
    I also remember seeing "Police targeting motorcyclists" signs proudly displayed in the median strip on the princess hwy not far from the entrance to the nasho at around the same time so they even admitted it publicly.

    I have also been targeted recently but in a ute. Friday night after work seems to be a popular time to do this as its obvious that all tradies drink half a slab before heading home for the evening. I had just had the Ute dropped off to me by a workmate and had just dropped him home. The same coppers had pulled him over 20 minutes earlier in that Ute. Random licence check my arse!
  8. Nope 90% of the time I'm waved thru at rbt's and I have custom white pearl paint job with blue windshield forks etc on my stupid loud zxr 2 fiddy and missing a mirror - never been pulled up when out riding, have been pulled up driving cars a few times
  9. Only pulling them over for the duration of your observations.

    Maybe only pulling over trucks for truck infringements, or was that for random licence checks etc?
    Are there any older drivers out on King street in the early hours of the morning?

    Why should any of us be in the sights of big brother?
  10. I've seen some really old folk out in King St. in the late evening...some may have been as old as 40 or even older.

    The Governments of all persuasions have had a road safety agenda for as long as I can remember......that would be last Thursday.

    I'm not saying that motorcyclists are not targeted, what I'm saying is that motorcyclists aint the only group of road users that gets a spanking every now and again.
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  11. ...no but they seem to come in for regular and special attention.
  12. My personal experience is quite different to yours @2up.

    More times than not, if I'm on the bike and approaching an RBT station the cars in front will be waved passed and I will be pulled over. It doesn't matter what I'm wearing or which bike I'm on.

    I agree, there are times when there are targeted operations, I have no issue with them. What I do have an issue with is being pulled over for a 'random' check when other vehicles have been waved passed.

    I object to being treated differently just because I happen to be on a bike.

    When I have been pulled over for an RBT when driving the car I have been asked if I'd had anything to drink in the last 24 hours, then told to blow in to the straw (or count to 10) then told that I was fine and a could be on my way. NEVER have I been asked for my licence, NEVER have they checked my rego, NEVER have they done a 'road worthy' check on my car, NEVER have I been asked to step out of my car and been asked seemingly random questions about who I was, where I was going, what was I doing etc.

    However, when on the bike I have been asked for my licence, they have checked my rego, they have done a 'road worthy' check on my bike and they have insisted I get off my bike, take my helmet off and asked who I was, where was I going, what was I doing etc etc.
  13. There was 1 at the top of the old road. A few weeks ago. I'm guessing it's still there.
  14. As old as 40, my God, what and still alive and walking and all, Jeebus what next.
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  15. In general in the city, no, but most definitely up in the hills.

    You only have to browse some of the threads to see this.
  16. Once got pulled over in Healesville for a random licence and rego check by a bike cop.
    And once I got pulled over during my morning commute in rush hour in the city by a bike cop for a random licence and rego check.

    Both times the first thing I got told was that I didn't do anything wrong and they're specifically targeting bikes.both times were they not interested in checking out my bike. But hey, who is interested in a 24 year old stock spada anyway? ;)
    I understand that they look at bikes in the hills - I mean that's where they all crash... But targeting bikes at 8:30 am on Sydney road was a bit strange.
  17. It seems people don't understand what 2up is saying. I'm not sure why because it was clear to me. He isn't saying motorcycles don't receive particular attention in motorcycle hotspots. He is saying there isn't a focus solely on bikes to the forsaking of all others.

    I have to agree. In fact in my and many others experience the group that cop police attention far more than any other demographic are p-plate drivers. There are others too, anyone driving city bound on para Rd of a fine Saturday evening in a car that looks or sounds vaguely modified will be pulled over for roadworthy check, as will anyone pulling out of Penrith Maccas, or driving past harry's. What's more, penalty for cat delete is near enough to 5k, a second time is near 30k. And they use it too. Trucks were already mentioned.

    If the only time you put yourself in a position to be pulled over is while riding, then that's all you are going to know about it - and that's arguably more anecdotal than one or two people with their eyes open.
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  18. Yes. If you happen to be young, on a sporty bike, and get pulled over for one of these 'random' breath tests, you better hope you pass the attitude test or they will find something to fine you for, or make something up. Young+ on a sportsbike = instant loss of benefit of the doubt.
  19. Apart from step out of the car, I have. I pissed him off good though so it's possible I earned it.
  20. Can't say I've ever felt particular targeted on the bike. In fact, I've been waved through at least one RBT when cars directly in front and behind were pulled in. Every dealing with a police person on my motorcycle or in my car has been relatively brief and courteous. My time on a bike has been a picnic compared to the 12 months of tiptoeing around on red P's in a country town.