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The cops must laugh

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Bravus, Apr 29, 2008.

  1. ...at all the bikes piling up behind them as they spot the cop car and stop splitting! Happened twice on the way in this morning - heaps of bikes splitting along, then a whole lot concentrated together... because no-one wanted to be the first to split past the cop car. It's not as though the cops didn't catch us all in their mirrors before we spotted them.

    Once the cop had completely ignored a couple of heroes who hooked up the emergency lane at 60 (albeit with a quick flash of the brake lights in each case on spotting the cop car!) I figured they were unlikely to do anything about filtering stationary traffic and just headed off.

    but it must be pretty funny in all sorts of ways driving around in a cop car or riding a marked bike.
  2. hehehe yeah even get the same with cages... everyone suddenly starts going at the speed limit. wtf :p

    it's fun to cruise with copper bikes tho, as long as they don't pull you over :p
  3. Many years ago, in the UK, I spent quite a bit of time on the pillion (well, on a cushion bungeed to the shelf that used to hold the comms gear) of an ex-police K100. No badging or lights of course, but it was still resplendent in Constabulary White with fluoro striping.

    It was fantastic. No-one ever pulled out on us or merged into us. Even the most stubborn outside lane hog would pull over when that big white barn door appeared in their mirrors. Queues of stationary cars would mount kerbs in their eagerness to allow us to filter past and nobody would accelerate to prevent us from overtaking.

    Of course, there were a few negative reactions once we were clocked as a pair of scruffy bikers with big grins, but by the time anyone twigged they'd been had, we were long gone and there wasn't much (four wheeled) on the UK's roads, at the time, that could keep up with even a touring litrebike in the hands of a skilled maniac :grin: .

    Great stuff. Of course, actually impersonating a police officer is against the law and grossly irresponsible and so cannot be condoned in any way, shape or form :wink: .
  4. Ah the old copper in front. If I was on that highway this morning I'd be one of those bikes sitting behind the cop car waiting patiently in traffic :(

    On the other hand. Seeing how cops seem to be able to drive at whatever speed they like (even without lights on) its good to sit behind a cop doing a touch over the limit. Keeping a safe distance of course. All the traffic gets out of their way and you just follow the great open road they've just made for you. :LOL:
  5. LOL, Me and Hippo were on our way to the thurs night ride when we thought we saw 2 coppers and we stopped splitting then when we got close enough saw they were SES vehicles.

    And i dont know why people think they need to do the same speed as the cops (10 under the limit) when they are cruising along, I don't. (10 k's over :wink: )
  6. Bravus mate, splitting is categorically illegal in QLD... I'm not surprised there was a pile up/queue behind a copper!! :LOL:
  7. Must be a funny sight to see lots of bikes all group up behind the copper,,lol.
  8. Same thing happend to me this morning. Although it turned out to be a fire and rescue car (exactly the same except for the stickers. Doh!
  9. Me last spring: Big storm Warning on BOM, I better get home early to avoid it.
    1/2 of Canberra:Big storm Warning on BOM, I better get home early to avoid it.
    As I pull off Adelaide avenue onto the Cotter road I see the traffic banked up immediately.
    Me: Bugger (sensored), I better slip up the right hand side, all good.

    All was going well until I came up along side a CRV who decided to move across on me forcing me over the double lines, a car nowhere near me flashes in the opposite direction.

    I pulled in behind a VZ SS ute. Next thing I see a flashing blue light on the utes bumper.

    Me: Whats that blue light?
    Looks across to the left, & a red one?
    The penny drops & I look into the rear window to see a big arm beckoning me to pull over to the left.
    Me: Oh Poo (sensored)

    Copper: What were you doing?
    Me: Just sneaking up the right hand side trying to get home before the storm (it was looming & was sick of getting wet this spring).
    Copper: Do have your licence with you.
    Me: Yep ( & hands it to him).
    Copper looks around bike & sees expired label (with a look of glee): Is this bike registered ?
    Me (after having a little poo):Yes it is, I just havnt got around to putting the label on yet. (Bike has 3 months to go this year).
    Copper wanders off to check things.

    5 Minutes later, Copper: you know its 3 point & $125 for crossing the white lines?
    Me: Yes I know this but I dont make a habit of it.
    Copper: OK, dont do it again, if I see you do it again I will book you.
    Me: Yes Sir:
    Copper (with a smirk): BTW, you just lost all the time you made up, bye!!!!
    Me: Making Mutley noises under my breath.

    :cool: :grin:
  10. I kinda stopped worrying about it when I watched three motorcycle cops filter to the front one day. Lead by example n' all...
  11. Interesting from the other side too...

    It was always amusing to see everyone pile up behind the cop-car, and also frustrating when you were in a hurry quietly and everyone ahead slows down.

    Beleive me you have been seen and noted sitting back there. From a cops view, if you pass them illegally you have a guilty action, if you sit behind its most likely because you have a guilty mind - either of which deserve further investigation (time permitting). So either way you can lose.

    An old mate of mine used to judge how guilty someone was by how slow he could go without them passing. Worked quite well too, amazing what he found sometimes! :shock:

    It could be a case of 'damned if you do, and damned if you don't".

    Your choice. :facepalm:
  12. i guess i should stop splitting down the ICB, coro drive and sir fred schonell drive into uni then lol
    :( coppers are there all the time!
  13. Of course, a corollary to this is that if you're happily splitting along and suddenly come across a heavier than usual concentration of bikes sitting in lanes, look around for the car with lights on. ;)
  14. In the UK, the cop cars now drive at ~5mph below the speed limit so people will pass. Everyone slows to 70mph, and speed up to 80-90 once you get past.

    I was in the right hand lane once on the M1 cruising at 100mph (I think it was at night in the wet as well) when I saw the blue and red lights from a car flying up behind me. I thought I was done for, and slowed to 90mph while moving into the middle lane. The cop car flew past me and disappeared into the night.... so I moved back and increased speed ;)
  15. If you'd have done that in Australia you'd be dead, cause speed kills here... :roll: :wink:
  16. I remember when I first ghot my bike filtering through traffic on St Kilda Rd totally oblivious to the fact that the bike behind me was a cop bike! Pulled up at the lights side by side and he said "not bad for a learner, don't do it when cops are around not all are as nice as me" :LOL:

    So from that point on I always double checked what bike was behind me a bt more carefully! :shock:
  17. Last feb, I was riding around Gosford, and at a servo, a bike cop asked me where I was heading.
    When he found out I was heading up the twisty approach to the freeway, he said - follow me, and proceeded to menace the peak hour traffic at 30+ over the limit, with me following.

    When we got on to the motorway, he waved me off, and hung a U turn and went back to his humdrum morning!.

    Made my day!
  18. God bless amended statute law and discretion!

    :arrow: Where your license and livelihood can hinge on whether or not someone else's missus was up for it that morning.
  19. Lane splitting no more

    I stopped splitting several weeks ago as I only had 1pt left after being busted far too many times, and got to the know the copper on a first name basis.
    So I've gotten into a habit of changing lanes more frequently now to get threw traffic, its annoying the crap out of cagers in that I have had quite few come up and lane split on me,
    so I abuse them, and am trying to sit the bike more in the middle of the lane when moving around.

    :( just lost my last pt looks like 3mths from working from home work is not happy.

    victoria the police state.
  20. u lost all your points lanesplitting??????!!!!!