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The cops could be a bit more use sometimes

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by percrime, Feb 24, 2008.

  1. Comin back to melb though kilmore on dusk last night 5 or 6 mins the other side of kilmore there is a very big very dead roo in the middle of the lane. I miss it no probs but you wouldnt want to hit it on a bike or small car. (I was actually in the car)

    Anyway its been cleaned up by a semi (or two). Class effort cleaning up your roadkill mate :evil: And its not dragable off the road.. Its scrapeable off the road with a shovel. So I look at dead mobile and decide to call into Kilmores brand new multimillion buck cop shop.

    Its unattended. There is a sign to that effect. At 8 pm on a saturday night in a pretty big town there is no one in the cop shop. Hmmm.

    Spose I could have tried the Macca's Spose there could have been a mass shooting or something. Seems a poor effort to me but.

  2. Are the Police resonsible for removing road kill anyway? I can appreciate that you may think that they could have been on the scene to warn motorists, etc, but I thought you Roads and Traffic mob deal with things like that?

    Fair point about an un-personned Police Station, though: maybe there was a big card game on in Benalla :LOL:???
  3. What a strange world... Coppers have been complaining for years about a serious lack in staffing, even Noel Ashby has made admissions (finally) and here we are, blaming the cops for a closed police station.

    Perhaps a call or a letter to Mr Brumby?
  4. 13 11 70
    is the number you should have called.

    But while we are on the topic of useless coppers, I saw an assault in progress the other week, 4 blokes kicking hte shit out of one around the corner from a cop-shop. I go in and report it and I get "well no one has come in crying, so until they do there is nothing we can do"

    10 points for proactive policing,

    If it doesn't involve them sitting behind a radar gun or pulling people over for silly little things, these uniformed donut eaters are useless!!!
  5. yeah! COPS suck!!!
  6. Yes and no. A friend of a friend (true story btw :p) is a cop down in gladstone, and multiple times has had to go out, kill the debilitated roo (tough b*****ds to kill), then drag it off the road. If its a hazard to motorists, the police should be there to either a) direct traffic until someone else drags it off or b) drag it off themselves.
  7. wrong.
    the local council/shire/county is responsible for local roads, and the RTA (or equivalent) are responsible for main roads and state highways.
    police controlling traffic for a dead roo? you gotta be joking :?
  8. I gotta say they have a pretty sh1tty job.
  9. the police at the endeavour hills station have been given a gun for the not so dead roos that have been hit that come from lysterfield park, so they have some duty of care!
  10. Guess you missed the bit about my dead mobile. Aint no phone boxes in the main st of Kilmore either.

    Dunno if its the cops job. Hell I would have done it if I had had a shovel. And the useless sod who hit it first absolutely should have done it. But it for sure is the cops job to know whose job it is and to make the scene safe.
  11. Like it or not, Police are a finite resource. It'd be great to have stations full of Police all over the countryside, but that is impossible. Perhaps the available Police from that station were out at a job?
    I worked at Camden for a few years and whilst it is a fairly large town too, we only had enough staff to have 3 officers on most nightshifts i.e. 2 in the truck and 1 in the station. The Station Officer was usually the Supervisor. When I performed that role, if my attendance was required at a serious incident or to assist the car crew, I would have to lock up the station, divert the calls and head out.
    If you had of walked into the station and found a heap of coppers sitting in there would your post have been a whinge about coppers sitting in the station doing nothing?

  12. Nope. There are landlines at the cop shop or the nearest servo ;)
  13. There are landlines at kilmore cop shop? Not that its not a good idea but if there are there they must be disguised as a meter box or securely locked up in the cells or something. Not by the door cos I looked.

    And try the servo? Nope.. this is me trying to be a good guy and perform a community service. Make it too bloody hard and like 90% of the 1% of us who would bother in the first place I am going .. ."nah.. stuff it" I could have just gone to the Macca's and looked for the cop car that I am sure was there performing vital crowd control duties

    And to those who say Police are a finite resource. Yeah they are and I would therefore expect some one around on a saturday night in a fairly big town and a brand new ginormous cop shop
  14. Finite. Not infinite.
  15. Here, print this out and carry it with you next time you want to find them and they're not manning the station. Happy to help :grin:

  16. ROFLMAO!!!