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the coolest motorbike track in the world.

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by JimmyD, May 31, 2011.

  1. i love this track, wish there was one in australia like this.

    how cool is the on board footage on the banked turn!
  2. It would hurt if you messed up on a track like that.
  3. thats mad!
  4. You wouldn't want to get high on that banking - you'd need a parachute!
  5. That's awesome - I thought it would make a great kart track until I saw the woops.

    Hang on, though - where's the dirt ?
  6. love the suicidal cameraman at about 1:28 :shock:
  7. yeah no shit haha it would hurt big time.

    i think this guy found out what the bitumen tasted like...
  8. How do you overtake people? Looks like its won or lost on the first corner.
  9. like with motocross, just jam it up the inside and run the other guy wide. if you bang bars well so be it.

    its a hellova lot more agressive than road racing.
  10. I think that's theeeee.... European(?) style of supermoto racing, where there's very few if any excursions onto dirt in their SM races.

    European R/C "offroad" racing is all on artificial terrain - truggies and buggies on carpet and asphalt rather than dirt and clay.
  11. he's not a camera man i don't think [MENTION=15799]hornet[/MENTION], looks like a flag man.

    that's a wicked track, also enjoy the stack at each start...
  12. thats the only track like that will a full bitumen jump section in the FIM supermoto championship i think.

    most just have dirt with jumps and stuff.

  13. I must be the only person not impressed. It's just supercross track without dirt and supercross is world championship wrestling of motorsport.
  14. so you're saying supercross is fake like wrestling?

    obvious troll is obvious.
  15. Supercross is no a sport.
  16. is it too easy?
  17. I don't think rhythmic gymnastics is easy, but I don't think it's a sport either.
  18. lol.

    the ignorance astounds me.

    but whatever, everyone has opinions. so how do you define a motorcycle sport then?