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The conclusion to my MV or Ducati thread

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Mr_Ignorant, May 25, 2008.

  1. Some of you may remember my 'MV Agusta and Ducati - any good?' thread a few weeks back.

    I thought i would post up the conclusion.
    My wife decided she wanted to learn to ride which put a screaming halt to my plans on a bike as we now had to get something learner legal.

    We viewed the possible bikes in magazines, online and at a few bike shops. My wife's primary concern was looks LOL. Today we put down a deposit on the Aprili RS125 Lorenzo edition.


    My wife is more than capable of handling a bike like this so no need for concern. The only concern we have is can she buy an outfit that matches the bike :roll:

    Delivery shouldn't be to far away. It will give me a good chance to get used to riding a bike again after which, i will pick up something for myself.

  2. :shock:

    So, let me get this right. You're choosing twix a Duke and an MV, then the wife expresses an interest and you end up with a 125.

    My God, how hot would a woman have to be to weild this sort of influence? Can you post a picture of her?

  3. um yeah,good choice.. :shock: :?
  4. yes well a happy wife = happy life..... or so she tells me.

    In the other thread, others expressed buying a smaller bike to get used to riding again. It's been a few years since i last rode a bike so i think their advice was right. I'll have the odd days on this then once the ability and confidence it up to par i'll grab a bike for me.

    It will weird riding a bike that is considerably slower than my car :?
  5. ...afterall all that... you go with a two stroke??

    Well, good luck with it all. :)
  6. mr Ignorant is very wise; he knows that the only two words a bloke needs to know are "yes dear" :LOL:.
  7. If i want to have sex again i didn't really have much choice mate LOL.

    It did give me a chance to check out the MV's a bit closer though and i think after all my 'Ducati this, ducati that' angle i am now leaning towards the MV. Hopefully it won't be long until i have my way!
  8. You buy the bike, she buys the whip .... :LOL:
  9. Famous last words.... :roll:
  10. Seems like shes well and truly capable of handling you also. :LOL:

    Like what?? A new set of balls perhaps??
  11. I suspect he bought her the whip as well.
  12. :LOL: Must be the Novocastrian influence, but I agree with Spiky. SHOW US A PIC OF HER :LOL: :LOL: . BTW at least you kept with the Italian theme
  13. congrats on buying the fastest lawnmower on the market.
  14. :grin:
  15. they're a nice little bike.
    nowhere near as fast as they look, though. when she gets her licence park it in the loungeroom, make a coffee table out of it or something. a two-stroke race replica with cigarette branding is more than a bike, it's a statement of hedonism. arty!

    you didn't consider a restricted 600 Monster?
  16. as a woman, I have to say that i think any woman who EVER says things like this to her husband/partner needs to be made single again.
  17. ahh the Aprili RS125. The ride of the pussywhipped.
  18. You still have sex? Can't have been married long :LOL: :LOL: :cry:
  19. Like what?? A new set of balls perhaps??[/quote]

    Now THAT was funny LOL.

    Thanks everyone for the laughs. I always like the way you lot try to out-do each other with piss-takes LOL :)

    A monster was out as we both wanted a full fairing bike.

    I can't post any pics of the missus as i'm worried the next day i will see headlines in the papers of 'multiple deaths in Sydney as men drown in own drool'.
  20. I think you made a bold choice, both on the purchase and telling us about it. :p

    Make sure you update us after a few rides, I can't help but think a second bike will follow shortly as the 125 just wont push all the buttons. My biggest criticism is that it's a replica of Jorge "stick a pole up my ar$e and call me a chuppa chup" Lorenzo. He's a talented beyond belief tool. The worst type :LOL: .