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The Company "Shoei"

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by undii, Jun 23, 2006.

  1. I was just wondering, does anyone know for sure the way you are supposed to pronounce it? A salesman at a shop the other day said it was "Show-e" whilst a guy I know who has been riding for about 20 years called it "Shoe-e". I always thought it was "Shoe-e" but it's made me do a re-think since a 'professional' sales guy called it "Show-e".

    Anyone know _for sure_ and not what they think it should be?

    Cheers :)
  2. Well I've always said "Shoe-e", but happy to be corrected.

    While we're on the topic, I've always been confused by Dainese. Is it "Di-an-ess-ay", or "Di-an-ees" or what??
  3. I say show e but it sounds like shoe e :shock:
  4. I've always gone for Show-e & Di-an-ees, but hey what do I know?
  5. I saw a doco on Dee-a-Nay-Zee, and that is how it was pronounced by them. It is italian. No idea about Shoei.
  6. "SHOWY"


    for me
  7. I always thought it was pronounced Showoff! :p
  8. Dee-ah-nez-zeh, [shorten the ee and the z if you want to sound like a real italian.]

    FIIK about show-ie... shoo-ey sounds wrong... meh.


  9. show-ee

    Alpinestar :p

    Who wears Dianese??? :rofl:

    I pronounce it Dee-a-Nay-Zee as well.
  10. Tom art o

    Tom ate o

    Screw that, just buy Joe Rocket, you can't stuff that up and sound like a tool in the shop.
  11. It should be Show-ee.

    I like the brand and I like to show off my Show-ee helmet. :cool: :cool:
  12. Use to have a mate in the industry and was told my the Shoei rep it is pronounced Show ee.
  13. Right boys and girls, set your browser to be able to read Japanese:


    ... is how it's written in Japanese, with the broken english equivalent of:


    The "sho" is pronounced as is. (show)
    "e" in Japanese is pronounced "eh". (like "eh?" as opposed to the Fonz's "AAaaaayyyyy")
    "i" is pronounced "e" (again not stretched, like "eeek!")

    Put it together and you get a smoothened "show-ay"

    And that concludes Japanese pronounciation 101.


    Domo arigatou gozaimashita.

    Or as you say it in a song, Domou arigatou Mr. Roboto.

  14. I've always said "Show i" (sort of rhymes with the knights who say "nih").

    As for the leathers, I'm told by an Italian type person that it's "Die Nezy"
  15. mjt, yeap. pretty much just that the 'i' isn't as "dragged", almost making it silent.
    To make it sound like Show i, it'd be written shoeii.

    Meh. Japanese, always all sorts of strange sometimes. :p
  16. That's an interesting question. AFAIK, one of the chaps at Redwing NR night: Dave, is fairly involved in the distribution of Shoei helmets amongst other products that McLeod's import. He'd have an idea about it's pronunciation.
  18. Cant believe 2 pages on how to pronounce shoei . Put 10 small marbles in your mouth,or malteasers if you want different pronounciation by stelth and you will find its correct pronounciation grasshopper :grin:
  19. I can't beleive it's taken "Mr. Negative" 2 pages before the much expected whinging post :roll:
  20. In NZ they all say Show-e

    I found in Sydney it's all Shoe-e

    In Melbourne it seems to be more Show-e than Shoe-e, but I hear both often enough.

    As to how to pronounce it. NFI :roll: