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The company our government keeps

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by pro-pilot, Feb 5, 2008.

  1. Oh how lovely that our best nations freinds are enjoying sharing policies.

    Australia, China discuss future over breakfast

    Let's examine the value system we are embracing.



  2. If you feel so strongly on the matter, I trust that your home contains no products that sport a "Made in China" label.
  3. :rofl:
  4. So what, you'd rather isolate them and repeatedly tell them how fcuked they are? That would certainly help.

    Or we could embrace the problem child, develop a relationship with trust and understanding and try to find some middle ground where everyone is better off.

    pro-pilot, you are one broken fcuking record. And it's a BORING record.
  5. Yet here we are, graced with your comments and attention.
  6. As little as possible. Unfortunately globalisation has seen almost all industries (or part of them) intergarted into a lower cost supply chain. So its inevitable that you or I are going to be indirectly buying products from here.

    I am only abhored that eventualy future governments might embrace the model of our guests, and decide its right for us.
  7. Good point. See you.

    Is there any way to ignore a particular user on these boards so their stink doesn't fill up your screen all the time?
  8. not yet!

    until then-
  9. So PP I take it we are better off with our policy of bowing down to indonesia... I Mean there Human rights scorecard is completely clean right? They have never invaded a neighbour have they?

    And we have engaged in military support agreements with them, which we are not talking about with China...
    I am not defending chinas policies, but this is nothing new.
  10. This is not by any means a new subject. Just a response to a media article.
    As for Indonesia, ,thats a whole new subject.
  11. Nahh it's teh same subject. This government or the last it doesn't matter, they don't give a flying F#$k about morality, just about money and the illusion of security.
  12. thanks F-L, he's gonna make another thread now :roll: :LOL: :p
  13. When you've got such a massive population, you just can't assign the same value to a single person's rights as we can in the sparsely populated west. It just can't work. To paraphrase the Dalai Lama, the most evil decision the catholic church has made is to prevent its poorest members from using contraception to stop things getting as bad as they are in china and india.
  14. Pro-pilot, with all the good intentions ..

    All your post are very very interesting. However, i feel like you are constantly dropping news clips in here. I think that it would be more appropriate to post the article that attracts your attention and at the end of your post comment on it too. Tell us your opinion, add some value to it. If i want to just read the news, i can go to news.com.au by myself. Except if you are employed by News P/L or Media Monitors... :wink:
  15. You sound like you actually bother to read the news which is great. Unfortunately many don't (or more accurately don't care or couldn't be bothered). Most will only read headlines, with a very minor hunting for articles of importance.

    The value add is after people are clued in on various points of view, and are then re-raised at a later date to hopefully make a point (or stand to be corrected).

    My views are not so much that we should avoid dealing with certian countries or take the high moral ground. But we should not tolerate propoganda that masks disclosing the facts. Call it out for what it is, but that might create dissent. We can't have that!
  16. Well i aint trying to sanitize Indonesias human rights record. But you do know Australia engouraged they're invasion of Timor right? and the the Yanks approved it?

    here's some reading:
  17. :WStupid:
    I tend to agree ...
    I'm sure I typed in 'netrider.net.au'
    'news.com.au' is my start up page & Ive already read it thankyou.
  18. Then let me help you in your search for more interesting stuff.

    Use it wisely.
  19. gotta hand it to you PP, you dont let the ribbing you cop get to you! :cool:

    many others would have taken their bat & ball, and gone home :LOL:
  20. I am not going to discount that that article may be or have some truth to it, but I find it interesting that it asserts that documents were changed, but doesn't identify that the supposed "Origional" Documents still exist.
    An other element that rings some alarm bells for me is this paragraph

    Alexander Downer is amoung the less respectable politicians Australia has at the moment, and i could esaly believe the snotty nosed little private school prat could have manipulated things to his own ends.
    Not that I am saing Whitlam was a saint.

    But if it is correct... all it does it reiterate my origional statment... Our current relationship with the chinese is nothing new when it comes to throwing morality out the window.