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The colour of my blood

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Noticibly F.A.T, Dec 10, 2009.

  1. "Don't go.....", she said. The words echoed between my ears like someone shouting in a cave. She looked so warm, curled up in the sheets, 2 thick doonas and 6 fluffy pillows all to herself. "What about breakfast...?" Her voice was so soothing and gentle. It beckoned me to return to her. No matter what she said, no matter what words she used, her lustful tone drew me to her. She could have told me I was an idiot, and it STILL would have made me want to climb back in bed. "I have to" I muttered as I pulled my belt buckle tight around my waist. She made sort of a "humph" noise, and rolled over. I looked at the door..... She knew I wanted to go. I HAD to go. As much as she drew me to her with her gentle voice and sensual curves... I HAD to go.

    It was cooler than I expected. Not cold. Just... cooler. The wind graced the inner of my pant leg ever so gently, and it sent a shiver down my spine that made my teeth chatter. I lowered my eyebrows in an attempt to focus, but it was not an easy task. I glanced down at the clock. 11:43AM. I looked at the road ahead... and slumped myself down in to the seat. I still had a long journey ahead of me......

    When I arrived, I was greeted with sunshine, chirping birds, and the sound of what I believe was complete and utter harmony. Perhaps it was the petrol stations bacon and egg sandwich that tasted like it had been sitting in the warmer since 3am, or perhaps it was the sunshine on the black sections of my leather jacket..... Whatever it was, it made me feel warm inside. Wait, no.... warm isn't the word for it. Gooey. It felt like someone had injected warm caramel straight in to my veins. Never mind that I couldn't taste it, it felt like it was there.

    I knocked on the door, and was greeted with a friendly smile. The kind of smile that would greet you if you gave someone $100 without warning. This simply added to the caramel sensation. We walked towards the rear of his home, and I glanced out the door. It felt like someone threw a brick at my face. No joke. I had to rub my eyes to adjust, not only to the sunlight, which was now brighter than before, but to the amazing masterpiece that stood before me. I can't remember who spoke first, but who ever did, ruined it. It felt like an eternity of bliss just standing there, gazing longingly at the shape, the colour, the design. She was made by the hands of God himself. I didn’t hear what he said next. It didn’t matter what he said next. I was in love. I was lost in her deep and beautiful eyes for about 4 minutes. She was starting me down, shoulders back, chest out, eyebrows lowered. She was staring me down and she meant business. He prompted her to speak, and I literally exploded with caramel. My knees went weak me head felt light. How on earth can she make that kind of noise?!? It sounded like she was going off her rocket, but she was only just warming up. “Do you want to take her for a test ride?” he said…

    I looked him straight in the eyes, and my heart started to beat faster. I could feel my chest pounding in and out, my hands started to tremble. I could feel a bead of sweat roll gently down the side of my cheek, as if it were a calming trickle of melting snow, somewhere high atop a mountain. I picked up my helmet, and began to walk for what seemed like an eternity, towards her…. The rest, as they say, is history……

    My blood turned orange that day…. And if you knew her as well as I do, yours would too….



    Thanks for reading :)
  2. Im trying to think of a witty and apporpriate reply, but im coming up blank... alright ive got something here goes...

    I wouldnt mind taking either for a test ride by the sound of them! :p

    Best i could do. :D
  3. OMG more photos!
  4. More pics or i tell everyone that you just posted a photo of someone elses bike.

    To prove its your bike you must take a photo of a cat sitting on a herald sun on the pillion seat. don't have a cat? borrow one

    more pics
  5. Sexual Luke pure sex!

    The bike that is!
  6. "exploded with caramel"... EWWWW

    Get a room already!

    ..and submit this to mills and boon!
  7. Been emotional has it Luke?! Not sure whether to Apologise or rejoice!!!

    Glad you like her. Just wait tell you become more acqainted....you'll start writing crime novels instead - believe me!!!

    Once you go Orange you never go back!


    the guy with the $100 smile!!! :)
  8. oooooo
    isn't that Eskape's previous bike??
    Damn!! Its a stunner!! Congrats for the new bike :)
    More pics please...with or without the cat...... :p
  9. Loved reading that, and love the bike... congrats
  10. Your license is toast.

  11. Gigidy!! Gigedy!! Goo!!
  12. Thanks for the kind words guys. Absolutely love the bike!

    Joshua - Rejoice! It was just a story, I may have twisted it slightly :)

    Some more teasing pics: