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the closest i've come to going down...

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Maximus, Jul 23, 2007.

  1. so here's the story. went to the city tonight for a job interview. went well by the way. going back home. hate those hook turns. so i get into the left lane get behind a few cars in front of me waiting to do the hook turn. so i leave it in 1st and just wait checking my rear view. see a taxi coming up. no dramas. then i feel my bike starts leaning towards the left side. i'm like wtf??? look back and the m*****f***** taxi driver stuck his bumper into my rear wheel and started pushing me slowly. i was absolutely shocked. i turned around and kinda let him know i wasn't too happy about it. so i took off straight out and the punk just drove off the other way. i'm all mad and stuff.... so i reach my area. whole bunch of roundabouts to pass before my crescent. speed limit is 50. ok i'm doing 55... coming up to the last one and see a commodore approaching from the left. i'm thinkin to myself i'm sweet i've got the right of way,thinking he'll stop but still i started to slow down a bit... so he didn't stop,so i grab my brakes and start doing the ebraking. so my rear tried to overtake the front and i'm looking at the car and thinking to myself: i am so gonna t-bone it right now. so i missed him probably by a half size of a mosquito penis... i did a quick Uey and caught up on him. he actually pulled over himself which gives him a bit of credit i suppose. i dismounted,came over and here he comes a chubby dude probably 18 at most. so here the chat:
    -what the hell r u doing???
    -sorry i didn't see you.
    -were you even looking???? you almost killed me right there....
    -keep your eyes open please!
    so i went home. heart is pounding in my chest. angry as hell!!!

  2. Ahaha, he pulled over, no one ever pulls over when im going to have a word with them. :( Instead they run red lights to get away.

    Good stuff with keeping it all together.
  3. would stop and have a word with the moron in the taxi, then you wouldn't have had to say anything to the guy in the ute
  4. +1

    Biffo at the very least imo.

  5. as much as i wanted to have a chat to the taxi driver i just couldn't justify getting off my bike in the middle of the intersection in the city... but maybe i should have...
  6. I would have had a word with the cabbie. At the very least, get his cab number, report him to the cab company & then report him to the police for leaving the scene of an accident. He did hit you, after all.
  7. Would have done better to beat him to death with an oversized crab claw.
  8. Wonder if they would have done the same if you looked like this :LOL:

  9. hahaha, this gives me a good idea. We should have a dressup meet where we dress as things that will freak out the general public... I might go as a Knight with armour and a lance :LOL:

    I'm sure superbikeknight would get more respect then me on the road hehehe
  10. Ive actually had the urge to go riding around in my darth vader helmet lol
  11. Classic! Anyone got an old helmet going into the bin that they can peel the AS1698 sticker off and give it to Melacon?
  12. Once I wore the motorbike helmet when driving a lil Excel for a

    At the lights, a 4WD with 4 guys inside pull up in the next lane &
    the passenger winds his window down.

    "Stop being a d*ckhead & take off the helmet"

    "I'm pissed mate, so wearing it in case I crash"

    "Oh is that right?"
    (& pulls out his freddie)

    *Helmet came straight off* giggle.
  13. I too have had near runins with taxis in the city, really makes me wonder if its going to have to come to a fatality to get them to wise up

    Really glad your ok Maximus

    but as for Darth vadar helmets
    Phil wear a Tour Cross Arai and when he goes through the security gates at his work the guys there all call him Darth Vadar because of his helmet
    I told him to do the breathing thing when he pulls up to show his ID

  14. Nice rescues, Max! Can't believe the cheek of the taxi :shock:

    Oh, and I have an old helmet if anyone wants it :grin: . Of course, it's been dinged bad enough.
  15. Yep ive considered the superman cape!!

    Yeh man taxi sounds like the twit! Good on you for keeping your kool.