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The City Splitter - Honda Rebel Ruined.

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by jimmy_g, Oct 11, 2011.

  1. Hey guys, I havent posted here for a while, but started on another little rat build and thought I'd share some pics!

    I really dig the lane splitter style customs you see in Japan and the USA, and wanted to see if I could build a cheap version as a A to B daily.

    Last week I picked up a crusty old 1996 Honda Rebel for something to get to work and back. You know what? I love the thing. Theres nothing better than throwing this litte shitter around town and ringing the neck out of it. Off the line its pretty good to get in front of traffic, but anything over 80kph and your going to have a hard time. To burn around the city on and to scratch that builders itch this thing is perfect.

    Its a 1996 CA250T with a mere 10500kms on the clock, the guy I purchased it from rode it for 300kms and then put it in storage for the last 12 months. Before that it was purchase from older gal who let the rego lapse and stored it for 3 years. It starts first pop, no smoke and aside from being flithy its (was) in pretty good shape! All up with 12months rego, roady, transfers etc it was under 3k, which is not too bad.

    Knowing wthe bike I was looking for I had been picking up parts from around the place over the last couple of months. New tank, Headlight, Custom made bars etc. I wanted to get it built as soon as it had been trasferred into my name.

    This is what it looked like the night I picked it up:

    This is what it now looks like after myself and a mate and I got our mits on it. We have donned ourselves the name "The Ruiners" for obvious reasons haha. Its not going to be everyones taste thats for sure, but for a honda rebel its pretty cool ;)


    Still lots more to go on it, pipes etc and a general tidy up of all the 'backyard engeneering', battery cover etc. For what I wanted it for (riding around town, to and from work) and the ratty look I was going for it will come up nice.

    Jimmy G!

  2. It's as ugly as sin and it makes me giggle like a schoolgirl...
  3. It's as ugly as Nitekreeper and i want one
  4. As has already been said, it's ugly as **** but that's why I like it.
    It's like a cruiser version of a streetfighter
  5. it really is fugly. But the bicycle pedals gave me a laugh :p
  6. fugly = unique = cool!
    Interesting headlight
  7. haha, just noticed footrests from a pushie :)
  8. It is very ugly! Thats why I like it haha. Wanted that junky sort of look. The bear trap pedals were just laying around, ill have to take a pic of how we fitted them... you will be appalled! lol
  9. uuuummmm...i like it!
  10. Trying to find a big chunky trials tyre for the front, or maybe an old firestone. Might have to fab up a small fender for the front too, apart from not being non-roadworthy the spray is terrible even with the smallest bit of water on the road!
  11. question!! how would it look with the exhaust pipe running up the the bike along the lines of the rear frame? sorta straight up to pop up just hehind the seat?
    oh yeah fuglee sounds an appropriate name for your bike but cant beat farkin originality
  12. Exactly what I have in mind! Might even put fish tails or something horrid like that on the ends. I think i have pipe lids in the shed somewhere (the hinged caps that you see on some trucks).
  13. love the thought!! And what about air horns?? Fark might as well go all out!
    think of the safety aspect !! lol
  14. It confuses me when I look at it because I like it so much and I feel that I shouldn't.

    Okay - I like it and I reckon you have done a ripper job.
  15. the giggle bike.
    Awesome build..
  16. bicycle pedals are really cool
  17. It hurts my eyes and pleases them at the same time.
    With the seat that low don't you have trouble seeing over the bars?? Wouldn't want to sit on it for any length of time.
    Damn I'd love to split in something like that. it would be sooo effortless.
  18. it is a loathsome offensive brute yet i can not look away
  19. you .. a couple of mates .. a few beers ... one or a few Jack's, ... perhaps a couple of "organic" tobaccy products and this is the end result...

    it's a bad thang .. but in a good way!
  20. The bike is very low! you dont get a very good idea of just how small it is from these pics. No worries about seeing over the bars, I am 6'1 tho. Mind you Im glad i didnt go any taller when I had the bars made, these are 6in and I was going to go for 9in. We could all use an extra inch or 3. hahah

    Ill take some shots of me sitting on it, the riding position is awkward but suprisingly comfy. The seat needs to move back as far as it can as its feels far too close to the bars.