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The Chris Vermeulen dilemma....

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by Weasel, Jul 21, 2008.

  1. Just interested to hear what others think Chris Vermeulen should do in regard to his possible options for next year.

    I for one think he's an awesomely talented rider, but unfortunately Suzuki hasn't really provided him with the machinery capable of allowing him to regularly challenge the frontrunners on a consistent basis. (With the exception of the past two rounds).

    Should he stay put at Suzuki next year, or should he seek further acclaim elsewhere?....


    "Four wheels move the body, two wheels move the soul...."

  2. i agree, i would love to see chris on a better machine.....though i don't think there are too many good seats left for next year.....oh guess there is a spare duke at the back of the grid :LOL: probably be the best choice if he was given the chance because so long as he didn't finish last he is ahead of the current riders performance :wink:
  3. There is not much wrong with his current bike, by the look of things.
  4. Chris is getting the results on the board, good bike and good team... Tyres????? Think he should stay on with Suzuki for another year.
  5. Yes Chris is doing alright, but what about Westy, maybe he could get a gig driving the sweep vehicle. :LOL:
  6. Watching past rounds I think its more a case of track and conditions, both for Chris and Ant.

    Chris seems to have a few tracks he consistently does ok on (Laguna, Le Mans, Donnigton). Maybe its just confidence and familiarity with the surface.

    Ant seems to do pretty well in wet conditions, but I think the Kwaka is also letting him down badly.
  7. It's bad for Ant that Hacking came in, having never ridden the bike and both out-qualified and out-raced him.

    His boss really likes him, but his results have to improve.

    As for CV, I don't see why his position is the one under threat.
  8. West has been in strife all year. I feel so sad for him, but the answer must come from within himself.
    Hacking has two arms and two legs , just like Anthony. The bike isn't that bad.
  9. Ant should have stuck with the winning ride in Supersport. It's a tough call, would you rather play on a losing team in the big league or a winning team in the 2's? Me, I'd rather be a winner.

    CV, I still think he's done enough to prove himself to be a rider capable of good things in MotoGP, his movements should be dictated by the offers that cross his table.
  10. does anyone know the outcome concerning westies dad having a blue at the phillip island motogp last year?

    Full story never seemed to become common knowledge :?
  11. I don't think it has hit the courts yet.
  12. Last year he looked so promising on his couple of borrowed rides. This year he just can’t realize that same “successâ€. Maybe he thought it was going to be a little different
  13. I think we will see Chris back at Suzuki again next year, although it's hard to tell if the bike will keep improving, but as far as Westy goes he could be anywhere.

    I'm another who'd love to see him in Supersport or Superbikes and have a real crack up the front on competitive machinery. I don't think he is quite MotoGP standard, but he's still a great rider when he's confident.
  14. Chriss should stay where he is ..He is the top point scoring Suzuki at the moment .
    As for Westy why have we even mentioned him in the same post as Chriss at least Chriss has done something with his machine ..
    Westy got beaten by his ring in backmarker last race and I have read that he asked Hocking(?) for set up help for the round .He's so out of there he might as well pack now ..
  15. West is not a Quitter.
  16. He quit a bloody good ride in supersport to go to Kawaka and do nothing .You have to agree his times up in the gp padock how long do you give him before enough is enough ..
  17. CVs situation reminds me of Mark Webber's - an Aussie with all the potential and skill without the hardware to back it up. Yet come rain time where the field is equalized, guess who's up at the pointy end!
  18. Interesting that you say (type) this as recently whilst forum whoring another bike site, there was much discussions around the 'over-rated' CV with a lot of commentary about his 'only being good in the wet' (which has shut up since Laguna but that is another story).

    I let it go a while and when it got to almost 'personal attack' levels I posted a questions that said 'if it is considered that wet weather evens the bikes out does it not also equate to the wet evening the rider skills'. Got no takers of bites but in essence my thinking is that given it is accepted that the wet weather provides an even playing field for the bikes, does it not also do the same for the riders. My thinking being that does wet weather bring the better riders to the front of the pack.

    If so, then CV is one of the front runners and given that I do rate him highly I do believe that it is the case, wet weather bring the better riders to the front.

    Now many will argue that Ant West disproves this theory but IMO West has bucketloads of talent but cannot setup a MotoGP bike and as we know, whilst setup is important in the dry it is said to be less so in the wet.

  19. Yes IMO that is 100% correct. In Supersport there is not a lot of adjustment available so Westy can ride thru most of the problems on one of them, but he just cannot ride thru setup problems on a MotoGP bike, no-one really can.

    It is as simple as that I reckon.
  20. West has had his chance, I guess. He has been around since the 500's, undoubtedly doing his best, but he seems to be 1 or 2 percent short on talent.