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The Chinese are getting more ambitious

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by jd, Sep 26, 2007.

  1. Noticed that one of the Chinese motorcycle manufacturers (Jialing) has moved up from the usual 125-250cc class to a 600 (albeit a single). Now styling looks fairly heavily "inspired" by the V-strom and engine output isn't exactly outstanding - however the important part is that from what I could find it's already being exported to some countries with a pricetag equivalent to just $4200 Australian. And I'm sure that'd make it a tempting option for a lot of buyers out here.
    I just wonder now how long it'll be before they use the engine in something else, there's certainly a big gap in the market as far as single-cylinder road bikes go (a cafe racer style bike would be nice [-o<). After all I don't think Chinese build quality would be a huge problem compared with a 20-30 year old Japanese single.

    Details here:

  2. Looks like a copy of the early BMW 650 GS
  3. After our money-grubbing bastards get hold of it, it'll cost ya $10k at your local dealer.
  4. Funny, Chinese bikes are nearly always ugly, then they go and copy one of the ugliest jap bikes ever :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    The chinese will make a dint in the market, just like the koreans have. For all you jap lovers you can thank the koreans and chinese for driving or at the least keeping prices overall low.
  5. Chinese bikes are ugly?


    I guess that's opinion based. How many parts are made in factory's other than the licencee's country of origin???
  6. Looks like they've been reading the Aprilia catalogue before they made that one.
  7. 30kw is pretty substantial for an air-cooled single.

    I'd hit it.

    It's not a strom, here's what it's really copying:
  8. Probably based on a 20 year old engine desgin (Patent expired) that has a sh*tty narrow power band and drinks oil like M1 Abrams battle tank!

    Looks like a dirt bike with an upper fairing section. Motard?
  9. I'd happily take one of these - that looks pretty sweet.
  10. You mean something a bit like this?


    This is a slightly different version of the scrambler-style Derbi Mulhacen 659 (replaced the original spoked wheels, tyres/wheels are smaller in diameter and more of a Monster flyscreen at the front). I think it's a great looking bike, and the few reviews I have read of it say that it's an absolute hoot in the city and twisties...not so great outside of those environments though. Doesn't matter anyway, they don't sell it in Australia.
  11. True, but they're using a water-cooled, 4 valve engine. Still they were probably more concerned with fuel economy and getting some sort of reliability than outright power - and that's not necessarily a bad thing (reckon some Jap bikes could benefit from dropping a few hp in exchange for much longer service intervals and greater longevity).

    Oh and Haggismaen that Derbi does look great, I'd definitely consider buying something like that (though that exhaust would have to go).
  12. I was thinking Pegaso to look at it.
  13. Sorry typo, I should have said water cooled. It's making similar power to the yamaha water cooled 660cc engine used in the above derbi, aprilia pegaso, mt-03, XT660, raptor 660 and many others.

    So it's incorrect to say it's lacking in power, on paper at least.
  14. Ahh point taken. I was comparing it with the SRX600 - which was getting 32kw from an air-cooled 600 20 years ago.
    Actually I reckon the engine in this has probably come from an ATV - so probably designed more for torque than power (which should suit a dual-sport rather well).
  15. Any more info on this bike? Looks sweet! Who makes it? What size etc..
  16. There will be more info soon. I'm working on having these bikes ADR approved now. I'll be the licencee for this bike in Australia if all goes to plan, as in, they are mine. I'll name them and release them.

    Its a 200cc single cylinder. Bit more power than the CBR125, weighs a bit less.

    Msg me for details, its not locked in by any stretch and my investment could be cut down at any moment... so I won't be giving out too much more detail just yet... just letting you know, if it goes my way... they are coming soon.
  17. Just don't go only bringing in green ones, the red/white ones look much better ;)
  18. I actually liked the green one... lol... ah well, have to wait and see what they are like in the flesh... that will be a while.
  19. Found a few other interesting small-capacity bikes (by Australian standards) looking through the Chinese manufacturers.
    There's a couple from Pantera motorcycles that don't look bad. For example their 250cc v-twin:

    Or their 300cc single:
  20. How are the build quality on these things? I heard that those 1952 BMW replicas made in China melt their gearboxes after 8000kms!? Not sure if that is true, but I heard that they are of inferior quality. Whilst I believe in giving people a chance, bikes are not to be messed with. Hyosung have done very well though and their GT650 Comet isn't too bad at all, they sound great and look the part thats for sure.