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The Chairman gets sporty

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Chairman, Jan 4, 2006.

  1. Today I overcame my obsession with antediluvian technology and embarked on a significant upgrade. I've never owned a bike this young before.

    My 400/4 and SR500 are now sharing the shed with a 1987 GPZ600R. The bike has been in storage in a shed for 3 years and the princely sum of $500 sees me owning my first faired bike.

    The previous owner (yes, it really is a one-owner vehicle) held a small engine tech certificate and, from the state of the bike, he clearly took care of it. It needs tyres, a little fairing repair, chain and sprockets and new seat vinyl before I re-register it, but it is all there. It started on the second try and isn't blowing smoke so it won't be long before it makes an appearance at coffee.

    And to round things off, the previous owner's mum (she's the vendor as the owner passed away some years ago following a long illness) threw in 2 jackets, Dririder pants (all in my size) and a third jacket and pants that might have fitted me - 20 years ago.

    Woohoo - faired, aircooled, vibration free riding, here I come. And I think the SR500 will be my sidecar's new powerplant.
  2. but it just won't be the same :( The rattletrap really suits you !
  3. Hope it is a great ride for you.
  4. Where's the pics? :)
  5. Whoa, that's going to be hard to get used to.

    Go gentle on us, at least rock up with a monocle on so we recognise you mate!

    I'm sure you'll appreciate how easy newer bikes are to ride... But you may not enjoy the feeling as much. We'll see! Bit of a bargain you've got there!
  6. I'm glad to have had opportunity to experience the aural pleasure of the SR500 at full tilt, before it will be transformed. :grin:
    Its great to be able to hear the noise above my Termis and ear plugs. :p
  7. Cafe racer + sidecar. Interesting...

    God knows what the SR will sound like to a sidecar passenger. Do your kids own earplugs?

    You should have fun with the 400/4 once it's been released from its life of servitude, though. :grin:
  8. Not as easy as all that! The ol' 'Gypsy 6er' can be a bit of a handful at times, with that 16" front wheel and all... still, I'm sure Mark can handle that with ease :)
    (should keep the SR tho')
  9. dont kill the cafe racer!!! :shock: or if you must do something like that, at least switch the bits around and make the 400/4 a racer. dont think it would be the same tho :? definately wouldn't have that same... uhhhh.... 'note' (loosely using the word here, it has no more of a 'note' than a sawn off AK47 gummed up with sand :shock: )

    i love tho, that you call it a new bike :LOL: it really says something about the old bikes when your newie is an 87 model :LOL: sounds like you scored a bargain too, they're around, you've just gotta wait it out and keep looking....
  10. no-more biggles google , full face for the chairman now :LOL:
  11. Congrats and welcome to the house of KAWASAKI grasshopper :grin:
  12. I think putting the sidecar on the SR would be even more criminal than shackling it to the 400/4.

    Don't compound your already heinous crimes, Mark. The GPZ must get the chair!
  13. A return to the house - I was once the proud owner of a Z900, which ended its life when I t-boned a Nissan Bluebird that failed to give way.

    Nice to be back, tho'
  14. Woohoo chairman, going for high tech this time..Sounds like a challenge you will relish in :grin:

  15. Mark, you MUST not compound your blasphemy of putting the chair on one of the few factory-built cafe racers, by now transferring it to a bike which, by your own claims, is stripped of anything unnecessary. A chair on you fabulous cafe-racer IS unnecessary.

    And don't put it on the new Kawa either (congrats, incidentally).
  16. After following that SR500 through the hills a few times... my hearing greatly thanks you! :D :LOL:
    Congrats on the... 'side'-grade(?) or is it still an upgrade?
  17. Wow Mark, thats quite a step for a young fella!
  18. There appears to be a degree of consternation about the SR500 and the possibility that it will be yoked to the sidecar.

    The SR was originally destined to go on the sidecar, but I got sidetracked. The styling on the SR was always intended to capture British 50s/60s style without slavishly following any particular marque.

    As the SR has no mount points for rear pegs (sawed off to remove excess weight, and because a single bloke doesn't need them), it can never be roadworthied for a pillion seat, so here's the plan...

    it gets its original footpegs and foot levers back, and the clip-ons are replaced with flat bars. The race seat will be replaced with a solo saddle. The result will be a reasonable approximation of the Velocette KTT ( http://www.vintagebike.co.uk/Bike Directories/Velocette Bikes/pages/Velocette-KTT-MKVIII-48.htm ) which will match the sidecar very nicely.

    As I won't be cutting or welding any parts, it can go back to being a cafe racer any time.

    The alternative, of course, is to sell the sidecar. Gulp.

    An oxymoron, I contend. :)
  19. Careful, Mark - sounds like you're in for a smiting! :LOL: