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The celebration of Davo's Life - Sat 19th September

Discussion in 'QLD' started by Pink Angel, Sep 11, 2009.

  1. FROM JIM (Davo's Son in law)

    Hi Everyone,

    We have made arrangements for Davo's funeral to be held at the Outreach Centre on Saturday 19th at 11 am. The venue is located at the roundabout of Eumundi road & Beckmans road at Noosaville.

    During the ceremony that Russel (Rusjel) will be kindly taking for us, there is a small window of time that is available for a select few (probably around 5-6 people I estimate) to hop up and give their experiences of Davo. After the ceremony is over, we have asked Paul (Ghostrider) to organize everyone immediately afterward, to form a final guard of honour and ride along as we follow FarRider #1 on his final journey which will be around a 5 minute ride from the original venue. From the funeral home, we would like the celebration of Davo's life to continue at the Victory Hotel in Cooroy (38 Maple St, Cooroy) which is next to Davo's office, and we were quite a few family meals and also the FarNat lunch at recently.

    For those of you that visit other forums where Davo was known and/or are associated with different clubs or groups to do with bikes, as a mark of respect, could you please copy the above text and tell all far and wide about this. Although it was tragically cut short, I can think of no better way to honour Davo, than to get as many bikes and people there as possible to reminisce on the extraordinary life he had while he was here with us.
  2. Please take note, that this event is being held this Saturday.
  3. Yeah, and the cheapest flight is around the $600 mark return :(

    bloody school holidays :mad:

    I'll be there in spirit :(
  4. I'll be there. Will ride up this Friday 'n stay o/night at a friend's place.
  5. I've been so caught up with organising the ride for Sunday that I've only just found out about this and cannot believe it. I only met Davo once at a bike show but he came over and talked to me because I was wearing a Netrider shirt.

    Will certainly try to rearrange things to get there.