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The CB is no more

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by LineNoise, Jan 16, 2006.

  1. Yep...the electrical tape blue CB is no more. Not even more electrical tape can save it now.

    Parked it in town late last night, hopped off and had gotten about 20 ft down the road when I heard a loud bang followed by screeching brakes, another very loud bang and the sound of my CB skittering down the road.

    Turned around to see a stunned looking little redheaded girl at the wheel of an old Laser up on the curb and my bike about 10 feet down the road gayly ablaze. :(

    Turns out she'd clipped one of those stupid bits of concrete curbing they've been putting on the far side of the pedestrian crossings and it pretty much completely took out her front wheel, collapsed the suspension and bent everything...and my bike was unlucky enough to be where she ended up. It got poleaxed into the curb by the looks of things, rupturing the tank and pouring petrol over hot exhausts.

    The CB is done for and I'd say the Laser is a goner too. She was very shaken but fortunately no real harm done. I've been looking at those bits of curbing for years and thinking that one of these days someone is going to do that not to mention that someone is going to hit one of them with their head after coming off a bike and there will be little bits of brain all over the place. A helmet isn't going to save you from a sharp pointed corner of concrete.

    On the plus side....got her number. :LOL: :cool:
  2. Hook in mate ;)

    Atleast you wheren't in the action. Maybe it is a sign that it is finally time to ditch it ;) Anyway too bad on the bike and too bad for her car. But everything has meaning and i'm sure some good will come of it.
  3. So what's that you say? She hit it so hard she turned your 2005 R1 into a cb250? 20k in insurance thanks.
  4. At least there's some poetic justice in that her car AND your bike are no more. It's a bit sad, because obviously it wasn't really her fault either, given the positioning of the curbing.......
  5. So... when is she buying you a new CB?
  6. The CB was compo'd fortunately and I'm not at fault so RACV are dealing with the finances.

    When it comes through I'm probably just going to buy something new, almost certainly a coin-toss between a VTR250 and a VN250.
  7. Not a hornet then? ......
  8. Want a twin. Yes it's silly I know but yeah, that's pretty much the reason I'm looking at them.
  9. Oh what a bugger. Wish my bike had been parked there instead. :)
  10. which concrete things are these? :?

    at least you werent still on the bike :eek:
  11. If you happen to get her out on a date heres a tip > don’t let her drive,
    If the date is a success and she wants to make you breakfast don’t even let her operate your toaster.

    You where fortunate LineNoise that you where not still sitting on your bike when this girl mounted the curb otherwise you would have been badly injured.

    How do you mount a curb near a pedestrian crossing that you should be taking extra care when driving past? Was she speeding? Sending a sms? Applying make-up?

    Sounds like careless driving, she deserves a couple of charges via a summons in her mail to be sent to her and some fines and a licence loss.

    Don’t let beauty fool you LineNoise, this girlie could have killed someone.
  12. I hope that would be for insurance purposes and not the phone number :twisted:
  13. Curbs in the middle of the road, speed humps serving absolutely no purpose other than aggrevating the drivers, roundabouts where no roundabout has any business to be... the people who deserve the summons in this case are the local council or RTA or whoever it is in charge of turning our roads into a bloody obstacle course. They are the ones to blame for your accident.
  14. Nope. From what both she and a witness said she was avoiding a couple of cars that had banked up turning left with the last cars arse half in her lane (apparently because of a taxi who'd proped to let someone in) and had moved right to get around them but obviously didn't realise the extra curb was there.

    She hit the curb at probably ~40 km/h almost dead on, collapsed the right front suspension and bent the steering in a LOT. The car of course then dropped onto the collapsed suspension meaning she probably had zero steering and bugger all braking. She slid through and ended up across the intersection on the left hand curb. I was parked on an angle in the first spot on the far side.

    She was going a touch fast IMO (but who hasn't snuck past a car at that sort of speed before?), she did lock the front wheels up (which is driver error though I suspect most people would make the same mistake with one badly damaged and one semi-airborne wheel) and I'd say there was a bit of target fixation going on but to be honest something like this has been an accident waiting to happen. 90% of people aren't going to think there will be a huge log of concrete 2 metres into the interesection unless you've specifically seen them before. I don't think they've even got reflective paint on them.
  15. Androo... They are those protective barriers to try and stop people from parking in and around pedestrian crossings and also to help with traffic flow.

    The best example is inner cbd crossings and along clarendon st. They have them everywhere there for the trams.

  16. Oops, of course. :grin:
  17. He said he got her number! Of course good things are coming ;)

    :p :LOL:
  18. That’s not what you told me....ops i was not ment say that was i
  19. Wow. Flames and all...sounds like the bike was possessed or something. I always knew 250's were evil.
  20. Agreed or market value insurance?