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The Car NETRIDER bought: Mighty Car Mods SEASON FINALE VIDEO

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by moog, Jul 13, 2009.

  1. #1 moog, Jul 13, 2009
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    First of all a big thank you to everyone from Netrider who donated money so we could buy this car. WE GOT MORE DONATIONS FROM NETRIDER THAN ANY OTHER FORUM!! We really appreciate your kindness and support for our little show.

    We ended up with almost $600 and for that managed to build up quite a hot ride.

    This video is an easy step by step guide to show you exactly how to get noticed when you're rolling through the KFC carpark. It's time to give in to the full ricey flavour and embrace the inner fail.

    This episode runs for almost 30 minutes - we wanted to aim for a TV episode length.

    What is Mighty Car Mods? We're just two guys from this forum who bought a camera and started making videos on the weekend. This is not our job - we work full time jobs but decided that every month we'd try to make 1 or 2 episodes showing people how to modify their cars. We received so many requests during the last 18 months from people asking all sorts of ridiculous questions about mods that we would never feature on the show but we decided to go through the trash can and bring out the most rotten ideas - so this episode we've packed all of the worst requests into one hot car, which we then take on a very embarrassing night out.

    Thank you again so much for making this possible because without Netrider this video would not have happened. We've put the names of everyone who donated at the end of the video. (first names only)


  2. GO the Mighty Mods!!!!!!!!

    I haven't seen the vid yet, but I bet it's good.

    Can it be saved to a local drive so I can look at it later, when I'm not on-line?
  3. Man that was awesome.
  4. Superb as always, guys.
  5. All of the episodes are available for free from iTunes and this one will be up by tomorrow.
  6. Free on iTunes! - Excellent, shall download them tonight :grin:
  7. What can't you guys do? Rice-boy mods to the gentry and clever musos as well? Awesome is the only word adequate!
  8. 10 points.
  9. 100 points!

    That'll be a tough one to beat, guys. :grin:
  10. great as always. love the song.

    the only thing is....where can you take this for the next season. change it up a little or it might get stale
  11. I haven't seen all the episodes so dont know if it has been done but maybe do one solely for bikes.

    Maybe even a few. One for cruisers, 1 for naked/sports, 1 for tourers and 1 for scooters (you can mod scooters can't ya?)
  12. Ahh man I was crying throughout that song. Loved it. You guys are seriously fcuked up :)
  13. lol that was fanastic!

    "we chose blue to represent the sky 'cause our car flies faster than a plane in the sky" Gold!
  14. Normally I don't care about spelling, but come on
  15. I was like "This is really really good" until Moog's dance at 24:45, and then I was like "BEST VIDEO EVER."

  16. BAHAHAH!

    yeah luckily i was there to make him look good with massive dancing abilities
  17. Thanks so much for all your kinds words guys. It was a fun episode to make but we're so glad it's finished because it actually takes just as long to do dodgy mods as it takes to do good ones.

    We also decided before we filmed the drags that we would not hide behind humour at Eastern Creek. We made a decision to roll in there all serious like it was our car and we were proud of it. That was seriously one of the hardest things I've ever had to do, particularly when a bunch of bogans in V8s started getting really aggressive and swearing at us to which I replied "It doesn't matter is you LOSE by an inch or a mile" but I don't think they got it. Oh well.

    Also all the people who have PM'd asking for the song, I've put it up for free download and you can get it here:


    And once again thanks so much for all the encouragement and donations - really makes it all feel worth it.

    Marty and I had a good laugh that we got more support in the form of donations from Netrider than the car forums and as such are now in pre-production for a bike episode. We owe you that!

    Thanks guys.
  18. I haven't watched your videos before... but man, that's Gold!
  19. You guys are the Best!

    You probably know this page already, but here's the original adventures of Rice-Boy and his pet dog Mugen. You guys have tapped this exact spirit.

  20. Marty & Moog, you guys should be knighted - I am inspired!