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The Captain

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by The Captain, Aug 29, 2016.

  1. They call me the Captain because I drive boats, sailed and steamed to a lot of different places around the world, done a lot of wacky things, mostly all legal.
    Joined up a while a go now, been checking out the site, and stuck my two bobs worth in a few forums. Like to say, this is one of the best, no brown nosing either. I have been riding since I was 8 years old, started on a Tas mini bike, then a bridgestone 90 and a BSA Bantam, with knobbies of course, owned an absolute plethora of cycles since, Pommie, Jap, Euro, American. Bought them, rode them, restored them, and bombed them, by the way, 58 in two weeks, never been without a bike or three. Jeez I'm getting old. Anyway, thought I should introduce myself, live on the Goldy with my Filipino wife, who absolutely loves bikes, and has never complained about me buying another, boy I'm really lucky as well. Will be adding to the writings, the older I get the more I seem to shake my head, so will be contributing some hopefully entertaining waffles on several different topics, the first will be the pitfalls of Motorcycle Transport, and Insurance, or lack of, when they destroy that pride and joy you just spent your precious hard earned money on, after I finally receive long awaited payout that is. So to any one who reads this, cheers, to the hard workers behind the scenes, well done, and my upgrade will be fortwith.


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  2. Welcome, Captain.
  3. Hi El Capitano, welcome to the nuthouse errr. Netrider I mean. Hope you post up some of your older rides for us nostalgia freaks..(you will need to put up a couple of written posts before they let you loose with photos).
  4. Welcome.....there's no escaping now.....
  5. Ahoy there..matey!

    From one Captain to another, welcome aboard!

    Do you prefer rum or whiskey?

  6. He's in the GC - so I'm gonna go with rum!
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  7. gday The CaptainThe Captain and welcome to NR - I hope your wife does not refer to you as chillito? (about the only Filo slang that I know apart from suso)

    I vote rum also
  8. Welcome mate :cool:
  9. Is. Rum. Is. Good.

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  10. Captain Morgans Spiced, aaaaarrrrrggggghhhhh.
  11. For the sake of all that's Holy... Just say no to the Captain Morgans Spiced.
    Bundaberg OP - now there's a drink that can steer ships!

    By the way, welcome to The CaptainThe Captain and all who sail with him.
  12. [QUOTE="michaelM3, post: 3043208, member: 57551"
    By the way, welcome to The CaptainThe Captain and all who sail with him.[/QUOTE]
    havent even met him yet
  13. Welcome from another gold-coastian The CaptainThe Captain !
    A bike or three?? Far out some people live the life don't they!?
    Especially when you have such good weather and amazing roads around this part of the world to use them on :)
    What bikes have you got now?
  14. Hello Captain, and welcome along. It calls up some associations, that handle...

    The Captain and Teneil - "Do that to me one more time..."

    Kel Wearne, who was Captain Flashbulb.

    Peter Janson, who was a (cough) Gentleman Racer, back in the '70s...

    ...and a real life mate of mine called Doug, who goes by the online handle of SkipperAU, who drives a Brisbane cross river ferry, and a Jeep Grand Cherokee (which we won't talk about) and an FJR13 with a graphic of Tigger on the windscreen. It has an Ohlins shock, which works rather well... Doug likes computers photography boats motorbikes aeroplanes and history - he can't be all that bad....
  15. Harley FXD 05, Norton 850, K2 Honda 4 Standard, bought for my Father 30 odd years ago after he had a bad truck accident, then recently bought it back and just about back to near showroom, which also got me on the Honda 4 trail, a K1, a Dunstall K1, a VF 750, about to become a donor bike for a mono shock K series 4, love that Nissin gear, going to be right out there, a twin cam honda 4, and recently sold my Laverda RGS, that I owned for over 15 years, still trying to work out why I sold it? Had a GTS 750 Duke when I was younger, sold it my brother for $1,800 with a Gowanloch top end rebuild, kick myself now, only 40 t0 50 grand, oh well, Trying to justify a XB 12R Buell, maybe if one comes up at the right price, anyway I digress, I like most things with two wheels, as long they have a bit of class.
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  16. Need to pick yourself up a Hyosung Comet then, right?
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  17. Always wanted to kick one over
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  18. Ahoy Captain,
    Welcome aboard.
  19. a Kraken and dry is not a bad drop
  20. To everyone, Kumusta, filipino for hello, salamat, thankyou, get a rum up ya, and keep riding.