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The captain needs to borrow a 250..

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by thecptn, Feb 22, 2006.

  1. I realy don't like asking people for things to borrow, but, ill make an acception, as some of you may or may not know, a retarded chimp has my bike in his garage, and from the looks of it, I may not have it for Fridays P's test, what im saying is, is that if theres any one here, that could loan me a 250 for the day, pref a cruiser, as I've pretty much learned on one, I know it may be a big ask, I can give $50 for rent for it or some thing, I don't know if I might even need to borrow, but just incase the chimp doesn't fix it, and stay up right charge 150 for one which is too exspensive for me.


  2. pfft... if i lived in syd i still wouldnt lend a 6 yo my bike :shock:

    seriously though, hope you can find something :)
  3. 6 years in chimp years is like 30. :grin:
  4. Im getting the vibe that a lot of peeps dont feel comfortable with that idea, which I guess is understandable, giving your bike to a relative stranger, im realy sort of hoping any one with a spare 250 lying around could help.
  5. You hesitate to loan your bike to a family member, let alone a stranger from the internet.

    I'd suggest you try something else. Like rescheduling your test.
  6. Sorry, my bad, I meant relative, not the family type, my bad, its a bit late for to reschedule it, as you need to give them a weeks notice, if no one will loan me one, looks like ill just bite by the bullet and rent it.
  7. I can only speak for myself, but I'd rather be shot in the face than give any of my bikes to a stranger to do a license test on.
  8. Thats a bit harsh, but thanks any way, on second thoughts, don't worry about it, I doubt any one will loan it, can some mod delete this thread please? thanks.
  9. you've made your position clear that you're not interested in helping, why post twice stating the same thing? :-#
  10. Geez mate that's a bit of a pickle your in, is there noone in Sydney that will hire a bike to you ?

    Actually I would maybe suggest speaking to whomever the body is that you have you test booked in with, and advise them of the reasoning that you cannot make it, as you bike has been away for service, and the repairer is giving you the run around. Or get the guy repairer your bike to pay for the 150 bucks lost for the test you could not attend.
  11. Ask the repairer to give you one of his customers bikes for the day :LOL:
  12. Most of the places that do testing have a little fleet of 2fiddys don't they? I don't think it's too much to do the test/course on their bike. And there's places around where you can hire a virago or something for under a hundred bucks.
  13. Id like to delay it, but they said latest I could do it on was monday, so im sol in that regard, I guess ill have to rent the bike afterall, loz where is this place? my test starts 8am, so even if I could id have to rent tommorow, which I assume, doubles the cost.
  14. See if the repair as any custosy bikes you can loan for the day.

    Contact the training centre and reschedule or see if there is anyone you can exchange sessions with.
  15. Just so you know there is someone who would lend you a bike in Sydney - Problem is i dont have a 250 anymore.

    Where abouts in Syd are you?
  16. Thanks for those links guys, ill look into it, budgie, I live near liverpool fyi.
  17. Good news and bad news, good is that I got my bike back today (phew!) bad news is that my horn doesnt work, I dont know how that will go with the must be roadworthy thing.
  18. Did the horn work before the repairs? If it did, take it back and tell them to fix it at their cost.
  19. Captain, where are you doing your test?
    I did my p test not too long ago at campbelltown and they didnt check my bike out at all, just a quick glance at it to make sure it was learner legal.

    in reguards to the horn. it should not be a problem..