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The captain goes down

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by thecptn, Aug 3, 2006.

  1. Well it happened, I poped my cherry so to speak, if any one was on the anzac bridge this morning around around 7 heading west, they probably would of seen a blue gt up the bum of some old merc and yours truely shaking, here is how it happened, im turing into the left lane, do a quick head check than I look forwards and to my utter suprise the car in front of me swirvs to the right with out warning...to miss this merc which just has rear ended a car, I panic and hit the anchors and lock up, crap crap CRAP! no way to stop! bang! I hit the arse end of it at around 10-20 clicks, the force of the impact pile drives my crotch and lower abb area into the fuel tank, badly bending it in, than the bike topples ontop of me..

    The cage driver who was rear ended by the merc rushes to help me get the bike and I off the ground, the merc driver was just a prick and said "oh no not another one" and offered no assistance what so ever, prick.

    Well to the damage tally..

    ME: grazed knee from kevlar armour, sore belly.

    BIKE: snaped clutch, snaped gear leaver, shattered front tire guard, dented fuel tank.

    Other than that the bike held up well, and plus I am insured, so every thing is covered, went off to the hospital and came out all fine thank goodness, non the less, cant wait to get back on my repaired bike, they can get me off the bike, but they cant the bike out of me!

  2. glad you are OK..hopefully there wont be much brusing
  3. Glad your OK captain bikes can be fixed,

    By the way how did you get insurance at 7 years old?
  4. The captain goes down.................

    with his ship???? :LOL:
  5. Commiserations captain, luckily you didn’t crush your kahones on that tank.
  6. I'm hoping you mean you bent your fuel tank and not your crotch?

    I actually saw you there this morning. Was slowing down to stop when I saw you upright and moving, so I kept going. I think you were in front of the merc at that point. Glad to hear you are okay.
  7. ouch :(
    to a quick recovery of bike & rider :)
  8. :LOL: gold :LOL:

    on a more serious note, glad to hear you are relatively ok (hopefully there is min. bruising as that may reduce what you think you can do, straight away), hopefully you can get insurance all sorted out quickly and your back out there in no time

    cheers stewy :)
  9. lol I like that! I think I saw a gs500 go by, gday any way! yeah, I was fortunate enough that 99% impact into the tank was by my abb area and not the ole fellas, other wise I wouldnt be typing this, other than that, im still in very good spirits about it regardless of what has happnened, I mean, I could of been wost of, like losing limbs and what not, non the less, my ship and bounty are heading for the shop for repairs, so it shouldt be to bad.
  10. Glad to hear you are ok captain, well wish to a speedy recovery to you and bike
  11. Re: The captain goes down..

    I thought this was about a porno...

    Glad your ok and you haven't left your goolies on the tank!
  12. Glad to hear you're okay and insured.

    Merc driver's a c***.
  13. Glad to hear you're okay - though be prepared for the fact that the soreness might actually be worse tomorrow. At least important parts of your anatomy were spared - otherwise you might have had to trade the Hyo in on a scooter :LOL:.
  14. Glad to hear you aren't badly hurt...

    and that you didn't leave the 2 dents in the tank, that bloody *hurts* :shock:
  15. :evil: wtf. evil f**ker. i would have been tempted to hurl my helmet at his chest after being taken out and hearing such a statement.

    glad to hear the bike and you aren't to smashed up.
  16. Glad you are ok!!!
  17. Or at the very least typing in a very high pitched voice :D

    Glad to hear you're ok and the bike isn't too bad though mate.
  18. aww captain, what a bummer. But good that you didn't get charged with neg driving for hitting the rear of the other car....
    And you're in good spirits, to that's even better.....
  19. Do a Zidane: Leave your head in it! :LOL: :LOL:
  20. Yeah, the cop that took my statement at the hospital was quite sympathetic, he said technicaly it is my fault as I rear ended him, how ever due to the circumstances...he will try and waiver the fine with his superiors. ill never forget the sound of the wheels locking up and the ultimate relisation that your going to hit this car and there is nothing you can do about it, I some what wish I had practised emergency braking a lot more now.