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The Camira's of Motorcycles

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Jimboss, Aug 23, 2006.

  1. Hi there just want to know which model of bikes are regarded as duds. I have never really heard of a particular model being slagged off as shizehousen. Cheers jim

  2. I hear the Honda XL 250s Degree is a bit of a lemon! :LOL:

    Regards, Andrew.
  3. anything made in Millwauke, USA :rofl:
  4. Hyosungs.
  5. Bimota DB5, beautiful bike, Ducati Desmo donk, stuffed FI system. Heap of crap.

    The new Bimota model is wikkid apparently though...
  6. i wonder how long this will get before mentioning the same bike/brand twice?
  7. Actually, in the latest (British) "Bike" mag, they've got a review of the GV650 (the good Hyo) which reckons it's the best mid-sized cuiser going at the moment. They basically said that it shits all over the Sporty 883 (not hard I know), and all the other 600-900 cruisers going at the moment.

    The interesting bit though was that they mentioned that they thought the GT650 range wasn't up to scratch compared to other sports bikes, but once Hyosung dropped the same engine into a cruiser, bingo!! great bike. I think the quote was "putting a sports engine in a cruiser?? - brilliant!" or something to that effect...

    :p to Loz
  8. but it's still a cruiser!!! :p

    just kidding
  9. GGRRRR price vs value they stack up pretty well.
  10. Dude make sure you carry a copy of that British bike mag around when your riding your non metal fully plastic Korean ricer toy around to show those that are laughing at you on your chrome in a spray canned mock cruiser, as long as the British bike mag says its cool then it must be.
    Ps if you wanna get back at loz just tell him the truth about Honda’s - there like tampons- every pussy owns one.
  11. I'd say Honda's are the Camrys of motorcycles.

    Very competant and good quality but not very exciting.

    If there was such a thing as a from wheel drive motorcycle, Honda would build it.
  12. this is fun :popcorn:
  13. Ouch!

    Anyway, im gonna step out on a limb here and say the GPX250.

    Let me explain:

    Here we have a 20yo bike. That *nothing* has changed on, except the indicators. Its not fast (even by 250 standards), it doesnt look that good (IMHO - and they havent updated it in its entire lifetime).
    But people say it's cheap. Fine. But look at the cost of ZZR 250 or a CBF250, or any 2nd hand late model LAMs bike. Or anything from Hyosung. For just a smidge more you can have a lot newer, better performing, alot better looking MC. IMHO, it just doesnt stack up anymore.

    My 2c :)
  14. not if you own an older Viffer
    electrics are shite and they have regular habits of stopping
    you also need deep pockets for regular regulator replacements
  15. You know what mate, I don't care. You ride your big johnson, I'll ride my 'non metal fully plastic Korean ricer toy', and may I never meet you in person.

    I suggest you go see a doctor to see if you can get that chip surgically removed from your shoulder.
  16. Yeah 1980's Camrys are a bit like that too.
  17. You do care mate, it eats at you 24/7, telling people that your Hyosung is better than a Harley to justify your ride, well im glad you found a magazine that agrees with you, may you and your Hyosung conquer the cruiser world.
  18. If we are seriously looking at a Camira equivalents, i.e seriously flawed at launch, we need look no further than the origin Honda VF750, 'buttercam' model, or the BSA 350 Bandit, so good they only made two, or the BSA M21, designed for the pommie army, rightly so, what with it having much in common with a hand grenade, or the original HD soft-tails, suspension so soft it bottomed out if you ate a big breakfast, or the original Ducati PASO, fitted with a car carbie that was about as useful as a nine dollar bill, or the BMW R1200C, so ugly that reading the brochure left you with Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome, or the Enfield Constellation, not a bad bike if you could track down one of the three people in the world who could start it.......there are others.....but the memories are making me weak.....
  19. The early Honda VF750 had terrible cam problems (the problem also occured in the VF400, VF500 and VF1000 to a lesser degree).

    The Yamaha XZ550 had a total grenade of a motor.

    The Honda MVX250 2 stroke triple suffered from recurring middle cylinder overheating and seizing.
  20. Typhoon your right the XL Degree is a lot of a lemon - but havent had a break down yet and considering the price I paid not a bad buy for an L Plater - All the servicing I do myself - so i dont spend that much on it - so actually I take it back its not a lemon its lime.