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The call of the track days , who is cmng

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by Bangr, Aug 26, 2007.

  1. Hi all

    I have had the calling again , it is the little voices in my head that make me do this , the call of the island can be heard loud and clear . So off we go again , to do battle with the other track day show ponies . I think I have them beat this time , I have engraved levers and before the first day (17th sept) I should have my new leathers with my name on the back and a little pic of the munkey (f*&king w*%nker ) , new clutch cover and even have red grips on the bike (ooohhhh) , to up the power stakes we have put in a power commander and getting dyno tuned next week , (more power to the wa&%ers) . Lets see the other posers out do me .

    On a more serious note , there is a few of us (5) who have booked for tue 25th sept , please come and join us , will go down the night before , have a meal and a few drinks the night before.

    Bren :LOL: :LOL:
  2. I have booked for the 25th of Sept. Look out P.I. Jafu returns :rofl:
    A birthday present to me, from me. (i'm old so I can)
  3. Mate, first day was yesterday, where were you? :p

    p.s. second one is Friday week on the 7th Sept. :wink:
  4. You are all utter b@st@rds and I hate you.

    At least you all should be able to track Bangr's lines by the trail of expensive bling that his Ducati will vibrate loose as the day wears on.

    Off to punch something in frustration.
  5. +1000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 and 1 what VTRElmarco said :tantrum:
  6. Hmm...I might come and watch you posers on the 25th. And I'm really looking forward to having tea and maybe a drink or two with a bunch of wankers the night before! Might even let a few show ponies crash at my house for the night.


    (This isn't like the '******' thing is it, where it's only okay to call each other ****** when you are an actual ******?).
  7. No you have the right to call any one a wanker
  8. heheh bren them little voices was me you silly dilly, hehe me me

    Well i shal be down the island on the 25th, its time to give the 600 a run and see what i can do with it other than hold on. Shall be a good day and im glad that there is a few of us getting down there, the support and having friends around makes the day even more enjoyable.

    Ed :p
  9. Im jealous.some of us have to put in an appearance at work that day. :(
  10. I'll probably be coming if someone can chuck my bike in their trailer :p
    My car needs a tow bar put on it dont know if i'll get that done by then
  11. Ive just come over from NZ and will be doing trackdays once i get a bike.

    Where do you guys book them???
  12. Hey all...

    I'm at the Island on Fri 7th, Calder on Sat 8th and Broadford Sun 16th.
    I ride a white R1 track bike. Come and say hello if you see me, always great to meet other riders!

  13. Hi Roost,

    CeJay & I were at the Island on the 7th too......what group were you in ? I was on the black Monster 600 (slow moving chicane) in the White Group & CeJay was on the SV650 stealth bike in the Red Group.
  14. You know me...
    I helped you load you bike on at the end of the day!
  15. :oops: :oops: so you did.....told ya I was hopeless with names & faces.
  16. Don't worry... you're not the only one :wink:
  17. OK, I'm booked for the 25th too :grin:

    Now to see if i can swing the night off and do the 24th as well...........
  18. Yep, booked for the 25th, will the bike be ready is the big Q. (suspension is taking so long. :mad: :mad:

    Was tossing up weather to go in the slow or med-slow group. Decided to go in the slow group because a trackday newbie mate is gonna join me, plus i gotta discover how to ride again. :grin: :grin:
  19. How'd you go natta, all ready yet?

    Looks like nice weather, and seems like there will be quite a few Netriders there too.

    What group is everyone in? I'm in Yellow.