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The C Thing

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Garfield, Dec 13, 2010.

  1. Have done it again this evening, all by myself, beautiful Chrissy tree, all lit up, looks gorgeous!
    Had to turn off all the lights to see it in it's full glory!
    Do others do this? What is it with this tradition?

  2. used to - but we'd cut the tops off ones that grew too big cause no one wanted them the year before. we wouldn't take down the whole tree.

    about 2 years ago, i got over it. christmas is now just about the time off and enjoying the time to myself, thinking back over the past year and the year to come :)
  3. Mmm... thisll be my first year without a christmas tree.
    Doing the whole chrissy thing at my nan's this year so i figure its as good a chance to let the decoration thing slide for the first time.
    I did put a couple rows of lights up outside last christmas and never took them down, might just plug them in and if they still work all well and good. If not, tough ;).
  4. The daughter always enjoys putting the tree up. I didn't get to watch this year 'cos I'm working FIFO until the 23rd :nopity:.

    On an only slightly related note, back when I was landscaping in the UK one of my regular jobs (until I gave up tree work because it scared me too much) was lopping the tops off huge pine trees that, 30 years previously, had been 5 shilling Woolworths Christmas trees that had been planted in the garden after the festive season and were now overshadowing the entire street :LOL:.
  5. I have been in my house for 10 years now, never once set up a christmas tree. This year I wont be celebrating christmas again, I will be doing volunteer work. I prefer that over celebrating something I dont believe in.
  6. This Christmas will be one of a first with family after an absence of 16yrs ! Tree or no tree, I've already received my gift...being with my lovely family. What more can one ask for ?

    (apart from a 1 piece Berik Capirex leather suit :D)
  7. gorgeous! you are so fortunate....enjoy every moment and I hope they welcome you back with very much warmth and love.
  8. Yes you are very fortunate not to have had to spent the past 16 years with your family at Christmas.
  9. Put ours up last weekend together with my 3 boys. (twins 11 and a 9 year old)

    They really get into it and the time you spend together is something that belongs with every kid.
    My older daughters are kind of over it but but would still have a go at me if there's no tree up..

    Ho ho ho.......... oops, that's politically incorrect these days...](*,)
  10. we don't have kids so we don't decorate our house. my mum does, my brother & his fiance do, my brother in law does, and my work does, so between all that I get a good dose of christmas already.

    i LIKE decorations...but seriously our house is so tiny we would have no-where to put a tree that wouldn't be in the way.
  11. My wife put up a 40-50cm tree on a table that our 14 month old daughter couldn't get to, she'd tear it apart with a grin at present :D I've not celebrated Xmas for a long long time, probably since my early teens? I'm pretty sure I'll start back up when our daughter is old enough to appreciate the joy of loving Xmas for the presents etc, I don't want to deny my children (a second + final is on the way, due middle of next year) the joy of Xmas presents, it's good timing for it since Easter is in Easter, her birthday is October, nothing else of big note for her will be until late December for Xmas. I think it will be fun once we do stuff for the kids, just this Xmas will be a quiet one, taking our daughter to her respective grand parents places to see them over the week that is Xmas/New Years, not much else going on since Emma is a few months pregnant, can't do much in the way of 'celebrating', either via food or "naughties". All good, we're happy as it is :)
  12. the girls are 5 and 7 this year so it's perfect for christmas. The eldest is a bit unsure about Santa but they've both managed to totally overload the tree with decorations. If you look carefully you can just about see there is a tree underneath.

    Much as I love the rest of my family - having them 17000km away at Christmas does reduce the stress levels in the house.
  13. And here is a pic of our daughter proudly showing Nanna's gift that she was given today. My folks came over for a visit and my mum gave Cassie a cute Xmas broach, Santa's eyes flashed red when the broach was turned on at the back. :)

  15. I spent a portion of last night with a soldering iron to Santa's butt.
  16. ..I concur!!....=D>