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The Burke and Wills Adventure

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by Mouth, Jul 14, 2015.

  1. George DarwinGeorge Darwin went on an awesome adventure.

    "Following the footsteps of Burke and Wills epic journey across Australia in 1860, a group of retired Australian defence members embark on a journey that will find them crossing more than 7000km on old motorbikes also retired from the Australian Army. Their journey is much like that of 1860, full of adventure and breakdowns. Join us on The Burke and Wills Adventure 2014"

    Part 1

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  2. Part 2
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  3. Part 3
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  4. Part 4
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  5. Part 5
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  6. Part 6
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  7. Part 7

    Watch Part 8 @ post #21
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  8. Brilliant stuff!
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  9. George DarwinGeorge Darwin

    George, just finished watching Part 1. Fantastic, I am looking forward to working my way through the rest tonight! You have such a great and relaxed manner on camera - you are a natural storyteller.

    Thanks for sharing!
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  10. Well George, after watching episodes one to seven I'm really looking forward to the final episode!

    The hardships faced by the expedition are no better illustrated than by the forbidding landscape of low hills and bare plains around the Dig Tree. Your documentary is good inspiration for me to perhaps return there on two wheels one day.

    I agree. A condensed version would be great on a show like Australian Story.
  11. +1! Very well filmed and beautifully narrated, this documentary will be perfect for Australian Story.
  12. So what you're saying is? I'm a superstar? Lol. Look we loved the adventure and every year we plan the next crazy expedition. Our follow up adventure ride will stun you all as its the hunt for "The Lost Gold" the seat for Lasseters Reef, the mythical Gold ridge first located then lost in 1903 near WA in the outback. Never a dull moment with my adventures lol.
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  13. thank you for the compliment. I can't wait to finish part 8, it should be great
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  14. George DarwinGeorge Darwin !!!! Why are you keeping us in suspense - it's cruel! ;-)

    When will Part 8 be ready?!?!
  15. But wait ... there's more??

    Thoroughly enjoyed the series
  16. Yes mate, there is more to come. The last episode is a one hour special still in production, as it not only covers the end of the journey, but then goes behind the scenes to the making of the documentary. If anyone is interested in putting together a documentary, this is the episode to watch.
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  17. Well done George, lovely to follow, we have just completed a trip along the Anne Beadell highway as well as all the Len Beadell highways, about 4500 k's of corrugated and dirt highways, not as exiting as being on bikes, but only 4x4's.
    we are also looking at following the burke and wills trip possibly next year and as I had been through this area about 25 years ago with bikes as well...I am interested in seeing what is like now.
    great one
  18. Look we found the roads to be very good, all but ONE road ( the Birdsville Development Road) by far the worst road with horrible hazards, and as a rider you need to be on your game. Lets look at a days ride for a rider to best understand my point. You're on your bike and riding from 9am. Stopping every hour to stretch, drink, snack, smoke, take a pee etc, brings you to a 30 minute stop. You ride all day and now hit a road like the Birdsville Development rd, and suddenly as its getting late in the day, you're tired, your focus isn't as sharp as in the morning, and it's yet another long road with few features to take in.

    As you ride you miss a warning on the road as you're so fixed on watching out for bull dust bogs that wobble the front of your bike enough to put the wind up you. Suddenly you hit the hazard you were warned about300 metres back. The hazard is an exposed rocky outcrop stretching along both lanes, and at 80kms, your front tyre smashes hard against them, and pulling on the brakes is suicide. That my friend is the Birdsville Development Rd. Further north the only issue was the red dust road is covered with them small dark red ballbearing stones, that make turing corners a gamble at best. several times I didn't make a corner in fear of sliding out, so I went for a straight ride across the corner and into the dirt mound lol. Still in saying that, it was by far, the greatest adventure of a life time, certainly mine. I'm glad you liked the doc, keep an eye out for part 8, coming out soon. Its our finale.
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  19. Hi George, sorry about not replying, haven't been near a computer until recent, anyway good to see some feed back, any idea when part 8 is coming out.
  20. Yes mate, its due in 7 days. It's in post production as we speak. Its a 1 hour special, so it's taking much longer to complete.