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The bumble bee cometh...

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by crazynate, Dec 4, 2008.

  1. Introducing my new old bike 2000 CBR600F or is it a CBeeR..

    28000km No mods yet but certainly needs a new exhaust asap as its so bloody quiet...... or stealth like depending on your take on things.


    I pick it up tomorrow.... just a little nervous about the ride home (45km) Rocklea - Bracken Ridge (Brisbane). I have had my opens courtesy of Q Ride since April but I have not ridden a bike often since. A nice steady ride is the order of the day.

  2. Ahh, they are beautiful bikes!!. dont worry about picking it up, it makes pretty much no power below 5000 RPM. but when you get there it PULLS :shock:
  3. congratz crazynate

    Went to Prohonda a few weeks back and was looking at the bikes at the front. That one was there!
  4. DSCF8012.

    Welcome to the wonderful life of the bumblee, you will have a ball on one of these babies. Smooth as a don't ever let ya down. :grin:

    Mines the one on the right in case you were wondering, her name is qnbee (naturally) :wink:

    Have fun on yours once you pick it up :LOL:
  5. Awesome mate let us know how you go with it on the trip home.
  6. Nice pic. What exhausts are you guys running?
  7. Your spot on Tuney purchased from Prohonda.

    I have been looking at bikesales for months and a few nights ago checked tradingpost.com.au and there she was....

    I looked at the later model 600F in red/black and also a gixxer 600 there but value for money the bumblebee won out and most importantly i stayed within my budget.

    The salesman was great too, not pushy at all and really came to the party when $$$ were discussed.
  8. awesome bike mate. i test rode one of those there about a year ago before i got my gixxer. what time you picking it up?? try not to get it close to peak hour traffic times. goin from rocklea to bracken ridge, you'd be goin straight through the city along all the major roads :p
  9. Feckin peak hour..... drove home in the storm from Pro tonight after my test ride and traffic over there is usually mental but add heavy rain..... nutbags aplenty.

    I plan to leave there around midday give or take an hour, should be ok around then.
  10. crazynate I'm running an aussie Megacycle pipe and the other bike is running a Remus
  11.  Top
  12. Nice brand and nice colour scheme :grin: ;)
  13. Congrats !!!!
    One of the two bikes I have my heart set on to purchase next year.
    Good Luck
  14. The CBR600F Has the most controllable power delivery I have felt on a bike. Don’t stress the ride home, they are a pussy cat.
  15. Definately one cool looking ride :cool:
    (to prove I'm not a morning person, I thought this post was about a bumblebee in the helmet while riding :oops: )
  16. I have the same one, almost didnt buy it when the sales persons called it a bumble bee...
    Runs a Staintune exhaust which is loud enough, still puts out 101rwhp which is pretty good for a 8 year old bike.

  17. What is it with CBR 600's lately?
    Everyone seems to be getting one!

    I don't mind the colour scheme - stands out quite nicely.
    Of curse I am slightly jealous - enjoy your new ride!

  18. I am pleased to say that after riding home today I am a little more at ease with my new bike.

    It was a nervous start under a threatening grey sky but as I left the dealership I knew I was on my own and it was a very cool feeling.

    I encountered my share of nutbags on my way home but managed to get home unscathed and grinning so hard it still hurts.

    Thanks for all the comments and thanks for the welcome from all the other CBR owners. :grin:

  19. LMAO :rofl: :rofl:
  20. well done for your first ride home safely, as said it is a great bike and you will have a ball and feel very comfortable on it in time. Let the nerves settle a bit more then lookout :grin: