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The building of the rs500

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by Steamfrog, Oct 14, 2011.

  1. Hey as I am having an rs500 built I thought it might be a good idea to post progress pics as I get them.

    I started by shipping an immaculate rs250 that went like the clappers up to Steve at the www.twostrokeshop.com complete with engine but minus the fairings. Shipped using bikes only from Randwick NSW for $600.

    Bike on the trailer.
    bye bye baby...

    part 1 the cases, brand new.

    This is what it will become minus carbies.
    oooh yeah.. clean as.

    Next up in a few days the machining of cases and cylinders to match.
  2. keep us updated please! :eek: i hope to hear GOOD news!
  3. I just read that whole thread,what a shame!

    Don't understand why they continue to advertise their product and accept payment of a product that clearly does not live up to its 'advertised standard'. Irrespective of the explanation Steve had advised.

    Not to discourage others, but I would recommend on pulling out and have your bike returned. You would be under grounds of a full refund based on fair trading law. Id even go as far as to get reimbursed for the transport costs.

    Please keep us posted, but for your sake, hope it turns out great and you have a monster in your hot little hands.
  4. **** me... When someone first linked to them a few years back, I thought damn! Finally a 500cc two smoke, and considered buying one. I'm glad I didn't have the time and money to get stuck in this mess!!

    I read the thread through too. Shit get's real starting on page 9 of mekros' second link.

    This guys ''business'' needs to go down, this can't be legal. Makes me sad this happened in Australia.