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The bug has well and truly bitten!!

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by stokedpaz, Apr 19, 2011.

  1. I had my L's for ages and didn't get on the bike. I rode it a few times around my quiet suburb streets a few times and was way too nervous to go out of the area or near any main roads.

    I left the bike sitting there, unridden for a good 8 months. Did a couple more little 15 minutes rides around the street, still felt like shit on it.

    My L's came close to expiring so I booked the MOST, did a couple of bigger rides a few days before. Balmain to Ryde. Balmain to Botany. Not really big, but meh. Did P's, failed but managed to renew L's.

    Let months go by again before getting on the bike. Really wasn't feeling it.

    All of a sudden 2011 rolls around and I decide I'm going to get my P's and start riding. I do few little rides, then a few slightly bigger. Confidence grows, but still feel uneasy.
    Practise some slow speed manouvers in a back street and book P's up in Tuggerah. Ride up the F3 and manage to pass.

    Was so stoked that I rode back via the Old Pacific, had never done a road like this before.

    Few more little rides here and there and then the April holidays roll around.
    I have now been on a Homebush Learner ride and done 5 Old Pacific runs. I am absolutely loving it and feel that in the last two months I have transformed from a nervous numpty into a keen rider who is learning new skills and getting better each time on the bike.

    Today I got back from the Old Road and wanted to go straight back, I'm feeling it.

    The best feeling is making that step up from a complete learner to being semi confident and knowing what to do and being able to practise it.

    I can't wait to get some track days and professional training under my belt.

    Bring it on!
  2. Your future....................

    Track day, track day, followed by more track days. Then a nice house or a job close to Old Pac :p.

  3. Mate keep at it. They told us years ago that it is a diminishing skill. Well I can say that after 5 or so years of not riding at all, I agree. Took a friends GSX-R 750 out for a squirt and I was a little nervous. I also got down to HART a few weeks ago to ride the new CBR 250. That was fun, but I am certainly very rusty. Take your time and be safe. One thing that worked for us (our group) back in the day was that we worked really hard to be smooth on the inputs and shifting weight around the bike. The more you focus on these skills and develop the more your confidence will grow and you will eventually get faster, in a safe way. We never really tried to ride fast.
  4. Azn, I am super pumped for a trackie. After today I am feeling so much better. I can't wait to get me some leathers and hit up the track in June!

    Biker Boy: Yeah definitely working on keeping things smooth and just getting basics right. Had some good advice from Hornet today after he watched me for a bit. Worked on those points and felt so much better. The more I learn the funner it gets!
  5. 11th june EC do it
  6. stokedpaz - I know where you're coming from !

    I got my bike for my 40th last year. Didn't ride it for months. I'm a professional driver and I take my driving seriously, so to find myself being a complete novice on the bike really knocked my confidence around.

    After a few shaky laps around the block, I too progressed to riding on 'real' roads with 'real' traffic. Now I just have to keep my confidence under control. It's all coming together fairly well.

    For my 40th, I was also given an EC track day. It expires in September. I really have to get some more miles under my tyres before I go to that.

    Also keen to get some advanced training.

    And I'm still on my Ls.
  7. stroker better get you p's or sell your t.d you cant go there on your l's
  8. It is unreal hey! Such a great feeling when it starts coming together.
    I'm not a professional driver, but am 26 so I have been driving for 10 years and feeling like a learner again was what put me off the most.

    Keep that practise up and get your P's mate. Come along to an Old Pacific ride one day. Once you start doing rides like that as seeing things come together, your confidence increases x10!

    Aim to get it together and come to the track with us June long weekend. Should be good!
  9. great stuff stokedpaz! keep up the good work mate, keep riding within your limits and you'll become an old grandpa with mad knee-draggin skillz :D
  10. Yep, planning to do the MOST in May or June.

    Need to do at least one Homebush trial, just to see if it's worth doing the MOST on the RS or if I should swallow my pride and use a loaner.

  11. Get a couple of Homebush practises in. It will make you feel 110% better on the day of your MOST.

    I had no practise and was lucky to only get points on the U-Turn. Fluked the rest. I wouldn't leave it down to fluke if I had to do it again.