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The Bug Has Bitten Big Time

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Jumunji, Apr 11, 2016.

  1. Hey guys,

    Long story short I had a bit of resistance getting my first bike (see thread history), eventually got my first bike (FZ6R) which I am admittedly in love with. Went through the usual L's procedure and having done the stay upright course 2 years ago the second time around felt great and built a big chunk of confidence.

    After passing the course and the 45 questions L's test I was ready to get on. Nervously I took the bike and began doing laps of my neighbourhood staying far away from main roads and traffic. Twisting the throttle put honestly the biggest smile on my face I've had for a loooong time! I have driven high powered cars for the past 1.5 years and seriously this little L plate 600cc bike with a Twin brothers exhaust gives me more thrills than my car has in a long time.

    After hopping off day 1 I went to bed wanting nothing more than to take her out again! The next morning came and weather was perfect, so on I went and began doing my laps again. 5 minutes into the laps and the itch to explore kicked in. Started expanding my circle and getting into main roads and regular traffic, got comfortable and begun heading further and further. One thing lead to another 2.5 hours later I finally decided it was time to come home after a relaxed ride around the hills/dural area.

    The calmness, thrills and relaxation riding a bike brings is second to none. The inexpensive joy it brings is addictive, but not to be taken for granted, riding demands respect and awareness. Safe to say buying a bike is the best thing I've done in a long time. I'm sure I'll meet some of you in the near future joining in on learner rides or general cruises.

    Hope my little story reminded some of you of the joy riding brought you when you started.

    Ride safe gents
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  2. Nice one mate, we know how u feel. Wait until u ride a 1000cc and twist the throttle , u will laugh like a school girl
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  3. Big grin reading your post!

    Started riding 2 years ago (midlife crisis kicked in) and I can honestly say it's the best thing I have done!!!
    Get withdrawals if I don't at least manage a weekly ride! Car gets quite jealous as I don't bother trying to drive it too hard anymore! What's the point, feels no-where near as good as a bike! If I'm in the mood to enjoy the road, it's straight to the Duchess!!!

    Welcome and happy riding ... Don't forget to wish the ladies a safe ride too ;-)
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  4. As above x 2 :p
  5. basejumperbasejumper Ive always LOVED the R1, its the bike that 'does it' for me. I was thinking today if this is what a restricted 600CC learner bike feels like a litre bike must be genuinely mind blowing!
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  6. Nice read, a good little story.

    Yes the ease of acceleration on a bike is silly, made me rethink what fast was. I was always into cars and thought I knew what was fast on the street, then I got my bike licence and have barely touched cars as far as performance goes now.

    As others said, wait until you open up a 1000cc bike for a full throttle 1st, 2nd, 3rd gear blast. It will be like time is standing still.
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  7. Thanks for sharing. Riding is great isn't it!
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  8. I remember many many moons ago when I first jumped on my Yamaha DT50 and sped off into the sunset I was 16 and free.... 30 years later and 950cc more, I still get that same feeling....
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  9. My first bike was also a DT50! Red and white with skinny knobbly tyres! 17 and fearless!

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  11. Loved it!

    I still remember the smell of two stroke in the morning and of welding up a new exhaust to 'make it faster'. Managed to narrow the powerband so much you could not keep it in it!
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  12. yeah, 2 stroke! I'm in the process of rebuilding a YB100, can't wait to get it finished!
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  13. Starting up the lawn mower makes me miss my DT....... Needed a big hill to get it past 50mph.
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  14. Fastest I got was 92kph with changed front sprocket. Took a while getting there!
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  15. I am soon to face the same, L's in 3 weeks and five days, not that I'm counting. Instead of dodging trees in the scrub, will be dodging freaking cars by the sounds of it.o_O

    Thanks for the story, even more eager now!
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  16. Astar81Astar81 Enjoy it and take as much from the pre learners as you can. Dont be afraid to ask for tips, the teachers are there to share knowledge. Have fun and stay safe!
  17. Good luck mate... Just be nice a smooth and you will have no problems.
  18. Cheers guys
  19. Small bike are so much fun, made me look at the Grom, but a 46 year fat bastard will just not look good.