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The Boss has her Ls

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Bravus, May 17, 2008.

  1. Mrs Bravus, known on the intertubes as 'The Boss', got her bike learners yesterday. She's gonna do Q-Ride in the next few weeks, which means she'll have a full bike license before the changes come in in July.

    She's not tall enough to ride my Bandit, and it's really so far away from being LAMS-worthy it's not funny anyway. We're really not a position to buy her a bike just yet either, but when we are it'll be a cruiser. We'll probably look kinda funny on rides together, but she'll be happy. Then we'll add a daughter on the back each, and cars will be almost redundant at our place. ;)

  2. ...which strikes me with a thought! My daughter has a car for those few occasions when one is needed... if we could return our car (which we're leasing/salary-packaging at considerable cost), we could afford a bike for Suzie and still be well ahead financially! Hmm.... time for a chat with the Mrs and then with the leasing people.
  3. what is Q-ride ?
  4. Congrats Mrs Bravus!!!!
    :) :)
  5. Good for Mrs Bravus!!! Cars are certainly redundant at our place. Neither my husband or I have one. We figure that's what kids are for, to borrow theirs on the rare occasions we need to have one.
  6. Fantastic! The family is always happier on two-wheels :)

    If you can afford to kill the car lease, even better. Depending where in Brisbane you live, public transport can take surprising amount of need for a car away, too, so bear that in mind :)

  7. 2 + 2 = 4 thats what...
  8. Congratulations Suzie! :applause: :dance: :applause:
  9. Hi
    Feel completely free to tell me to mind my own business :p but is she sure she wants a cruiser? Has she ridden one yet? I only ask because when I went to buy my first bike, I had only ever ridden the instructors little underpowered suzuki thing and thought a cruiser would be best because it somehow seemed much more sensible than buying a 'sportier' bike. And I'm not exactly tall either (5'5") So i got a 250 cruiser. And I absolutely hated it - hated the feet up at the front riding position. Ended up selling it fairly quickly and getting a GPX (not exactly 'sporty' I know!).

    But anyway, just didn't want somebody else making the same mistake I did (pretty expensive mistake too).
  10. Thanks all for the congrats and good wishes - she read the thread and was well chuffed.

    Good question, helent. She has a fairly dodgy lower back and thinks that any forward lean is going to make it sore, so wants something she'll be sitting upright on. Others have said a cruiser will make her back sore, so... we'd be looking for one with pegs not too far forward so her feet were under her.

    I'm suggesting that she keep something like a Ducati Monster or ER-6 N or some other naked in mind as a possibility (she'll be pillioning the teenagers as soon as she can, so something other than a 250 will be useful).

    She'll get to do the Q-Ride learning on a cruiser at the place where she's going to do it, so hopefully that will give her a sense of how it feels and whether it's going to work OK.

    Sounds like it might actually be possible to get out of the car lease, so I guess we'll see what happens there...
  11. I've heard the same things about cruisers sometimes putting extra strain on the back as the feet and arms are well forward. From personal experience (I also suffer from a bad back) you'd probably be better looking at a more 'upright' bike, cruisers are laidback, and sports are hunched over, but something like a CB400-600 or the ones you suggested (Ducati Monster, ER-6) should be better at removing the pressure from the back. I'd suggest having a look at a Hornet or Street Triple, a bit more sporty, but still more upright.
  12. Oops, didn't mention it before, but congrats Mrs B on getting your L's! :wink: