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The 'bland' Fireblade...

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Rented, Oct 14, 2013.

  1. Hey guys,

    I'm curious as to why a lot of the media think that the 08+ Fireblade is 'bland'. It's a criticism that has been leveled at it pretty much since launch, although it was clearly a superior bike at the time and won a lot of awards.

    So, why is it bland?
  2. The media doesn't know shit from a blanket half the time.
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  3. It doesn't have quirks or do weird unexpected stuff. It's not difficult to ride.
    VS say an MV Augusta with a snatchy throttle and suspension too hard for aussie roads.
  4. A bland Fireblade is still more fun than 90% of the rest of the bikes on the road....
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  5. It was more the 04-07 models described as bland, as they were/are when compared to the other jap 3 from the time. Not bad bikes but they aren't very exciting when you're on them
  6. The 08 was the model that had a few recalls because of oil burning.

    Only someone justifying their spending 5k more on a less reliable bike would call it bland. With the Honda burning oil, it must have hat "character" that some other bikes claim to have.
  7. From what I've read, the Blade is described as bland and boring because it's extremely predictable and manageable. A common 'complaint' is that it handles like it's on rails.

  8. 5k more than what? The Blade is generally the cheapest onroad from the big 4....

    Whats hat character? Generally you wear helmets when motorcycling
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  9. My R1 had heaps of character, worst bike ever! I've always been a Honda guy, next bike will be a bland blade
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  10. The Honda has no character when compared to the other liter bikes. It is not rewarding at all. You can fang it as hard as you want but you will never get a sense of satisfaction out of the ride. The other bikes make you feel alive. I've had all 4 jap bikes in the past. Go for a ride and see for yourself...
  11. It is the one that Marquez rides....
  12. Is it possible to elaborate in this at all? I've never seen anyone quite get to the issue. I'd love to have a crack myself but I'm not in a position to compare at the moment :)

    From what I can gather, it's almost like it is too 'tight'.
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  13. The 04-07 Blades delivered a decent chunk of power in a relatively flat and "boring" manner. I guess the best way to put it is while you're still setting a cracking pace, it feels more like touring.

    They feel generally too civilised for a litre bike.

    This is not true for the 08 Blade however, they finally went back to roots and its a belter of a bike, only bettered by the S1000RR when it arrived.
  14. How about the 929s and 954s?
  15. UK's Fast Bikes magazine once said of the 929 it was one of the best handling bikes available (at the time) for any price , giving it the top spot when compared against it's rivals . The 954 regarded as an all time classic - last of the Tadao Baba designed blades - see current issue of Performance Bikes magazine ( September )
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  16. Never ridden one, Ive only ridden the original 900, the 05ish and the 08+
  17. Had a 929 , amazing handling and brakes in it's day . Test rode couple of 954s , but wasn't what I was looking for at the time . Same with the 04 1000 .
  18. I love my 954, definetely not bland!
  19. The 954 is an awesome bike, well balanced. If you want an exciting blade buy pre 2000 ie 919. It'll have a 16 inch front wheel and will regularly try to kill you. As for oil burning, that was fixed in late 09 early 10 so probably avoid 08 model. I had early 09 and a 12 model blade never burnt a drop of oil. But then again I don't believe in going easy on a bike during run in
  20. So isn't that when you chuck another 30kph at the same corner? There's gotta be a point where it gets interesting.

    On my R1 when I was pushing hard on it I felt so much closer to the limit even though the pace wasn't insanely high compared to other bikes I've owned/ridden hard. On my 919 blade or daytona I could do the same pace with double the (perceived) safety margin. Some people would say the R1 is exhilarating to ride, I'd call it shithouse. When you get it right it it's rewarding for sure but I'd rather just ride a better bike faster.
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