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The Black Spur strikes back

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' at netrider.net.au started by Quo Vadas, Mar 23, 2010.

  1. Was riding up at the Black Spur near Marysville on Sunday, doing about 70/75kph when i started to round a r/h when i hit a small bit of debris which caused the bike to kick out. Took my hand off the throttle (mistake i think)and the bike stood up and i went straight off the road onto the dirt. I remember swearing, rolling, lowsiding off the bike etc and then came to stop courtesy of a tree stump. My bike smashed into a large log (not the one that was poking out of my ass). Bike is a writeoff but i can replace that.
    I am pretty sore all over but my biggest injury is my shattered shoulder - humerus bone. Got surgery on thursday to get plates and bolts etc in my arm to fix it. Never had a broken bone before and i have done a real good job this time.
    A fellow biker that i was riding with helped me out straight after the crash and it was very comforting having someone there that i knew.
    Off chops at the moment on hospital juice but still feel pretty wacked out.
    Not sure how long i'll be off from work at this point but at least it will give me time to look for a new bike. Yes, i want to ride again once my body has healed. I love it!!

    This email has taken me wayyyyy too long to type - one finger and all so i'll go now. Just thought i'd share my first off bike experience.
  2. Condolences dude.

    Enjoy the hospital Juice, never heard that term :LOL:

    Get a hot nurse?? :D

    Now, when your all healed up, post pics of the xrays...! :grin:
  3. bugger, best wishes for a speedy recovery
  4. Sorry to hear, broken bones are much more painful than broken bikes....
  5. Thats no good at all. Hope you have a rapid recovery.
  6. Damn, this sort of thing seems to be happening way too often lately. Rest and heal up. Bummer.
  7. Sounds rough. I would have though backing off the throttle would have made you tip over more instead of stand up. Did the guy you were with shed any more light on what happened?

    Heal up soon and get back on the bikes!
  8. Hope you recover soon, it's no fun getting around with broken bits.

    On another (but related) note. The 4B's (Bent and buckled Bikers Bureau) has been now taken on by Alan Zimmer (the MRA's own one armed bandit). The biggest problem that they have in supporting injured riders is knowing about them.

    Many people here may remember Alan from Friday nights at Southbank. He had the useless right arm finally taken off last year He's now back on his specially modified KLR650 and has done about 8,000 ks in the past month.

    If you know of anyone who is down and could use some support (even just a cheer up visit in hospital) can you contact them here with the details.

    For many injured riders it's not just the hospital period that they need supporting through. It's the period after they are out of hospital when everybody assumes "Ok you must be getting better now".
  9. wishing you a speedy recovery dude! :D
  10. Do you know if the 4Bs have any chapters in other states Tony? It seems a good organisation and it may be worthwhile putting a permanent link to them in the navigation menu to the left. Or a sticky perhaps?

    Speedy recovery Quo Vadas.
  11. I'm just thinking that this is a bit out of place in the "Near Miss" Forum ....

    {bit of black humour, ok :)}.
  12. sheesh!

    i crashed up there the other week, really catches you out.

    i remember my mum broke her humerous a number of years ago, quite a bad one to break i think.

    heal quick and get back to riding! :)
  13. it even happened on the black spur! *groans*

  14. M mate who was riding behind me was too far back to see what happened. There was a guy driving behind me who told me how fast i was going and he told me that he saw my bike kick out a bit as i started tipping into the turn. It all happened so fast and i guess i may have hit some debris on the road.
  15. thanks al for your get well wishes. Just looking fwd to getting fixed up and feeling better. In the meantime i'll have a look around for something to replace my cbr250rr.
  16. Maybe he nearly missed what he hit?
  17. Well, had surgery last week on my shoulder and a glorious picture of my cut and staples is attached. My humerus bone was shattered and a plate with 2 pins at either end has been inserted into my arm. Got a bit of recovery time and physio and am getting off chops on the pain killers i have been prescribed - Endone and Tramadol - they are serious!!
    Waiting to see if my bike is a write off and have been looking at other bikes in the meantime. Just lodged all of my TAC forms so that i can get paid whilst being off work. Getting cabin fever and watching movie after movie...........arrrrgggghhh.

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  18. Yeah, boredom becomes a way of life, eh?
  19. Get well soon. :) Shame about the 250RR. Hope they can salvage it, but if they can't, look on the bright side and find an awesome new bike. :)
  20. Of course...sorry this happened to you..:-(

    But take some of this down time to try and decide what you did wrong, and what you could/should have done to prevent running off the road....you know...be better prepared for when the "New" bike comes along and you are back on riding again.
    It's not my intention to focus on it too much as this is bad timing, but you did do a number of things poorly and you can learn from them...
    Hope the recovery goes exceptionally well for you, matey. :)