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The Billy Kart Challenge

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Bangr, Jan 11, 2007.

  1. OK all

    No Date set , rules still to be finalised . Venues to be given at a later date , but one of them will the Authurseat . Yes I know there is cars and it is elegal (bla , bla , bla).

    Rules thus far.

    Is to be made in a origanal style (timber H frame , )

    Steering is to be a piece of rope that is tied at ever end to front axel. No Pullies ect allowed.

    Max seat requirment is a old style plastic school seat , min is a milk crate.

    Brakes are optinal

    Head lights are required.

    No body work or airo kits.

    max 3 pit crew

    1 x umbrella person (compulsery)

    no motors .

    More info to come .

    Pm me if you are in , transport will be provided with the van and trailer to venues (given at last minute).

    Full motor cycle gear to be worn.
  2. Oh dear lord... :shock:

    Only you... :p

    This should be a hoot, but I've never been able to steer one of those things, so i cant really drive them...
  3. This would be SO MUCH fun; brother and myself spent hundreds of hours building and racing billy-carts in the 60s.....

    Maybe Mickey or one of the Sydney nutters can organise a similar event in Sydney???
  4. We used to organise billy cart races for our New Years parties. The only requirements were that they had to be hand assembled and had to wear a helmet. Always ended up black and blue the next day but couldn't remember how it happened :wink:

    One year we organised raft races on our dam....now that was funny, but the entertainment didn't last too long :? :LOL:
  5. I am so up for this it's not funny.
  6. Re: The NetRider Billy Kart Challenge

    You're insane! I love you work :LOL:

    What's an umbrella person?

    Any rules on what type of brakes?

    Oh and how long do we have to prepare these weapons of sound barrier destruction?
  7. Dear God...

    This has truly spectacular potential to end in tears. I don't know why you require full motorcycle gear though, given the inherently insane nature of the contest.

    I propose that contestants wear full squid armour - nothing more protective than T-shirt, shorts and thongs (the thongs being compulsory).

    Do the Darwin Awards people hand out group awards? :LOL:
  8. Re: The NetRider Billy Kart Challenge

    Umbrella person is like a grid girl... who holds the umbrellas and stuff ;)

    And I'll be using Brembo's.... 6 piston should be enough to stop on that hill.... maybe... :LOL:

    2 hours :LOL: .... i spose its from now till he calls the start date...
  9. This event sounds MAD, and likely to be the best ever netrider event, downhill twisties and no roll cage :LOL:
  10. You gunna volunteer as an Umbrella Girl, George??? :LOL: :p
  11. Your all mad...
  12. Re: The NetRider Billy Kart Challenge

    I used to work at the strippers...... honest to god i'm going to go and hassle them to be grid girls topless for minimal pay. if not i'm bringing some lady friends. even if they're not good looking. failing that i'll ride my billy cart in a motorcycle helmet and budgie smugglers.
  13. [​IMG]

    There's mine so far, now I just need a GT Wing, some spinner mags and a sticker kit.
  14. Re: The NetRider Billy Kart Challenge

    I would but i can't pm
  15. Answers to all the questions soon , will say that the big race will be a while away , think we need to do a few smaller runs first (maybe the west gate bridge) . Will most likley be a offroad event at some stage , have had a multi level carpark put up as a option .

    There will be a few events , most likley starting in mid march , will get a few ideas of other people and we will go from there .

    The one and only thing that I am aware of is I fully intend on getting this on video so I can laugh my guts out after the races.
  16. :eek:hno: this is so going to end in tears and blood :-({|= you guys should know better [-X [-X

    AND I"LL BE THER TO WATCH :woot: bring in on.
    i'll prob be overseas then :(

    No topless stripper umbrella girls!!!!! :cry: :cry: :cry:

  19. I built a billy cart once but being a Mallee boy, we didn't have any hills. I managed to solve the problem by tieing it to the back of a motorbike and getting someone to drag it around for me. My neighbour's dune buggy was also excellent for that job. :grin: Later we discovered that the billy cart (as well as easily broken) was not essential for this game and one could just as easily sit in an old Dodge bonnet. :LOL:

    I like stories. :)

    Count me in. :twisted: :LOL: