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The Bikers Nod !!!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by ZZRoom, May 21, 2006.

  1. Always Acknowledge other Riders.

  2. Mostly Acknowledge other Riders.

  3. Sometimes Acknowledge other Riders.

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  4. Rarely Acknowledge other Riders.

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  5. Never Acknowledge other Riders.

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  6. Acknowledge other riders in a NEGATIVE way.

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  1. Are bikers a friendly lot ??? :shock:

    Over the past 2 months I have been doing a little bit of an experement to see what sort of response I get when I Acknowledge my fellow bikers. As I rode around, I simply initiated a nod to all on-comming and passing riders and noted their response.

    I put together fairly loose categories and made some comment at the end. Take a look at what I found !


    Total Riders recorded :- 227

    Of thoes :-
    76 were Sports Bike Riders - 59 Return Nods.
    55 Cruser Riders - 20 Return Nods.
    31 Tourer Style Riders - 19 Return Nods.
    22 Australia Post Riders - 22 Return Nods.
    17 "Motorcycle Gang" Riders - 0 Return Nods - 1 Birdy !
    12 Scooter Riders - 4 Return Nods.
    9 Motorcycle Police - 8 Return Nods and 1 Wave.
    3 Road/Trail Bike Riders - 1 Return Nod.
    1 Trike Rider - 1 Wave.
    1 Motorised Bicycle - 1 Wave.

    Summary :-
    * 136 out of 227 acknowlegements.
    * 100% of Australia Post and Coppers responded :grin:
    * No positive response from Bikkie Gang Riders :shock:

    Appreciate your comments !

  2. Hahaha love your work ZZRoom!

    Pretty rude but not really surprising.

    I always endeavour to acknowledge my fellow two wheel comrades unless I’m concentrating really hard in traffic or if I will endanger myself due to loosing eye contact with the road.

    From most of the Aussie post riders I’ve spoken to, a lot of them are full on riders outside of their job. I'm pretty surprised about the Copper response. So far i'm yet to even get wave from them. Must be QLD police! :LOL:
  3. Good work, very surprised to see coppers and aussie post riders 100% always thought theyd ignore for some reason. Not surprised about Bikies tho, ditto for cruiser riders, what is it with them?
  4. Thats a nice experiment. Let me know when you get to 1000 tests of the nod, then you can easily put it into perspective. On percentage. :p
  5. I always nod when I can safely do so & if I don't get a nod back I assume they were focused on the road, I nod to anything that has 2 wheels i.e. scooters, posties, coppers & yes harley's. I'm not a fast lane splitter I worry too much about the driver who thinks the lane next door is moving faster than theirs & just has to get there real fast! & happy to move over for faster splitters which ALWAYS get me a wave or a nod, even a foot wiggle from a regular harley rider! & even I somtimes get annoyed when I see slower lane splitters not giving way to faster riders! I love the thought that car drivers see us as a united force who are friends with each other. I also wave to riders whom I pass or pass me! Gives a learner rider a big buzz & I remember how it made me feel way back when I was in their shoes & just learning to find my wings!
    United we stand, divided we fall!
  6. Yeah sounds right.

    I nod to anyone. If they ignore me I just figure its that damm stealth mode switch again.
  7. I just stuck one of those back window noddy dogs on me handlebars, he nods like a deranged maniac at everyone. :LOL:
  8. Haha... Well isn't that a smart idea, now you wont get a sore neck :p hehe. I nod at pretty much everyone, cept those Harley riders that just have that image, no point ruining my ride by getting flipped off. :)
  9. I went for a run out towards Peak Hill near Dubbo last weekend and nodded, only got one back from a sports bike. Guess it may have had something to do with the others not approving of my ride.

    Gives me a buzz when someone nods back, though. Not to many gang riders out here, most of the harleys have accountants and lawyers from ulysses on top, definately nodders. But I'll try and remember not to nod to a harley when in the big smoke.
  10. hahaha oh yeah i gotta get me one of those for the gixer :LOL: :LOL:
  11. Yeah I nod at everyone unless im concentrating like turning a corner and the like. I rarely get nods from posties though. coppers I do though. I even get a wave when there in the car, as I am doing the speed limit....I assume there motorbike cops in cars...:)
  12. If you ever find out where that switch is located could you please holler - every now and then I must accidentally activate it making me invisible to cars that day!
  13. You have to nod... or wave.... at the worst your turning or "moving" double tap you pass and say "hello"...
  14. Harley riders don’t and never have nodded back; they are “born to be wild” and way too cool.

    The nod is slowly dying out. It used to be mandatory about 10 years ago, especially in the wet. I think its decline is due to the recent influx of new riders who don’t know the ropes, and some sports bike riders who think that according to Two Wheels my bike is WAY faster than yours so buzz off.
  15. Why would they want to nod to people. The media and general public are ALWAYS saying what a bunch of jerks they are, so I guess the mentality of some peole leave a lot to be desired.
    How many "normal" bikers out there dont acknowledge a wave or nod.

    On my trip to Canberra I waved to every bike and the response was not that good.
    The one bike in Canberra that did nod back to me was a "Motorcycle Gang member" at the traffic lights (geez there are a lot of them in Canberra) even spoke to me, and asked me how my trip was.
    On another trip I did I ended up getting more waves from trucks than I did from bikes.
  16. Those stats don't seem suprising unfortunately. I nod to everyone on two (or three) wheels, and your figures seem about right.

    I did nod to a couple of cruisers yesterday but didn't get a nod back...then remembered I was in the car :roll: :LOL: :LOL:
  17. Funny - I get usually waves &/or nods from most Harley riders, almost all metric cruisers and even some from outlaw clubs - its the squids and rossi-wannabes that ignore me and don't return the acknowledgement. Never been flipped a birdie yet.

    Fairly obvious to me that its highly dependant on your own ride as to who will bother to say hello.

    Second that about the coppers and posties though - they always wave/nod back. I think they genuinely appreciate being acknowledged out there.
  18. On a recent trip, caravan not bike, I noticed how many vanners wave to eachother, its the same in a truck, nearly all the truckies wave to eachother, except if youre in a little truck than the semis dont. I guess thats a bit like the harleys.

    Keep nodding I reckon, even if no-one acknowledges you. We used to play a game in the car as kids making up what the idjits that wouldn't wave back were thinking, helps pass the time on a long trip. Had to stop when Mum and Dad got offended by the "didn't get any last night" for mildly cranky people to "hasn't had any for a month" for the real cranky ones. I don't how this translates to the bikie that flips the bird. :LOL: :?
  19. I nod or wave whenever I can - even to scooters :LOL:

    I would get the least returns from scooters.

    Most cruiser riders (of all types) will return a wave or a nod and generally the Patch Clubs will return a nod or a wave.

    I get more responses on the LS though than I have ever got on any bike. I suspect that being an older Beemer, moderately rare (6300 world wide - 2 on Netrider :wink: ) and a little unusual in its appearance it tends to get noticed.

    I got fewest responses when I rode the Sportster - always from other Harleys but minimal from sports bikes.

  20. Thats a good point TonyE - I should have mentioned that I have been riding my 250 as my 1100 is still "under reconstruction". The gang riders probably dont respect anything under 750cc's not to mention its a sports bike. :)

    I notice when we drive into the country in WA, cars begin a wave thing on the main highways too !