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The Biker FROM a Bike Rider

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by jdkarmch, Feb 9, 2007.

  1. This was sent to me in an email yesterday.

    I felt that it was worth posting here. I trust that it hasn't been posted anywhere else on Netrider.

  2. + infinity
    if only an email like this could do the rounds a couple of times a year, it may save a life or two.
  3. When we smash the windscreen of your bus, we're just trying to get closer to you...

  4. You idiot :LOL: :LOL:

    Hey I like it but I don't wear a patch or pin, does this make me less of a biker? Maybe I will sew an Aussie flag on my back :? :?
  5. Why don’t you fax this to all Victorian bus companies.
  6. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

    Seriously though, that's a good piece of reading right there. Hopefully if this gets around it could really help to bridge the gap of misunderstanding between fellow road users.
  7. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: nicely said!
  8. That was excellent, american but excellent anyway.

    The reference to the cell phone.....very non-australian speak there.
  9. It's a nice blanket thing to tell cagers and improve/correct some people's perception of motorcyclists... but...

    Ummm, yes we are.
    We're friendlier to each other, will sacrifice more for each other, more encouraging and forgiving than the vast majority of you other pricks on the road.
    Don't believe me? --> ride a bike sometime.

    That being said, please don't wander up to groups of tough looking people in a car-park at night with a dopey grin in your face.
    Whether they're riders or not, such action is unwise as a rule :?

    And USE YOUR F***ING INDICATORS, you freakin' useless, lazy, potential murderers.

    And so are you - one way or another.

    That's right. I may ride a bike, but the rest of the time I drive a 4WD... and I will remember you ^_^
  10. Hmm I'm tempted to set up a site to post this article on then make little business cards with the url on it, keep a bunch on me when riding, and fling them into windows of crazy drivers.
  11. From all the stupid crap that comes out of your mouth, that has to be the smartest thing you've come up with. Maybe you should use your fingers and not your mouth to communicate in the future. Now I think about it, I'm wondering if you really did come up with that! :rofl:

    They should fax it on to all taxi companies to. Infact all road going public and freight transport groups should have a placard sitting on the dash advising/reminding how to look out for m/bikes when driving.

    Instead of having mirrors these days on cars trucks and buses, they should use minature cameras mounted on each side and rear of the vehicle displaying whats fully happening around their vehicle on a small screen located in easy eye view on the dash. This would rid blind spots if placed correctly and also record any potential mishaps assisting whos at fault for insurance/legal purposes. Future footage can assist training educating drivers of first hand common mistakes blind spots cause leading to totally elimination of blind spot accidents. Drivers would/could be fined for failing to have this equipment installed or if not functioning.

    For petes sake, mirrors are primitive devices which have their place but damn it, this is the 21st century we should have moved on years ago.

    My bike I'm building up I planned ages ago that it wont have mirrors just this system I just mentioned above.
  12. Maybe we all should ride with "SUICIDE BOMBER" signs on our jackets with fake sticks of dynamite hanging out of our pockets. This is another way of keeping other vehicles away from us on the roads. :LOL:
  13. :shock: how come your up so early? :p
  14. :rofl: Now I'm really thinking he didnt write that! :rofl:
  15. Pot... Kettle...
    What colour?
  16. Are you still angry at me from that disagreement on the forums a while back? Because mine is just humour. :p :p
  17. Nahh mate... But I thought it was amusing that you were mentioning other people talking S#$t and then posted that next. :p
  18. People do misinterpret what people write. Maybe you should go back to school and relearn comprehension.

    I clearly state that he is not talking crap in that section and my later was clearly a joke. Why do you associate it as if I have associated his in that way and mine is for real? Why dont you have a go at Gromit re his windscreen comment. His is promoting violence and hatred to bus drivers. You just choose to have a go at someone because you have an issue. Duhast and I have met and ride with each other occasionally and it is known to those who have seen us together that we humoursly hang shit on each other.

    Are you the politically correct police?

    Did you find what I previously wrote offensive?
  19. It's called empathy, give it a go! :p :p