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The Biker Code

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Chef, Jan 27, 2012.

  1. Gratuitously 'borrowed' from the internet...

    'nuff said.

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  2. Fucking A, Cheffie.
    My stone-cold heart weeps for the future of motorcycling...
  3. I was pissed the other day when i ran out of petrol on one of the main biker roads. I called the nrma so i was fine, but in two hours probably 100 bikes pulled over but not one stopped to see if i was ok.

    It used to be that you would always stop to see how you could help. I always do it because i have been helped before. I even stop for scooters.
  4. Yep has hapend too me a few times i have had more cars stop than bikes some tell me they ride.
    I always stop if someone is in need even if it is a cage.
  5. I've helped three random people in the past year with flats. Donated my time, knowledge and parts to get them back on the road. The one time I got a flat i was at the side of the road and not one of the three dozen or so bikers who passed by stopped to help. I was quite disappointed. I waited two hours whilst my wife found a car shop with a kit and drove it to me.

    Fark, the last dude i stopped and patched a tyre for didn't even thank me. Just rode off.

  6. There needs to be something in there about "don't do or say anything at the time but ensure you started an internet forum thread about it "
  7. That's just not right.
  8. Turned around to put my kit back in the panniers and he just took off. Young people, ey. :-s
  9. :( That IS pretty low. There are some idiots out there.

    Some time back I pushed a car to the side of the road, the driver walks out and says can you push it a petrol pump which was another 100 or so meters down the road. I did and when we reach there - he just looks away and starts filling it up without even looking back at me to thank me. 8-[

    Awesome post tho, Chef!
  10. While I appreciate the sentiment of Chef's post, I suspect that the 'code' was only ever followed by a select few riders.

    It must be remembered that in most European countries pre and post WW2 motorcycles and scooters were a cheap form of transport, nothing more nothing less.

    Only in relatively wealthy affluant countries like America and to an extent Australia were motorcycles for 'fun'.

    As for stopping to help a fellow motorcyclist, I always stop (even if I'm in the car) and ask "Are you ok, is there anything I can do to help". Usually the reply is "No mate, I'm fine just stopping for a break". Other times I've gone to the next town and got some fuel, or made a couple of phone calls to get something organised like a tow or even a battery. Other times the response has been a sheepish "you wouldn't have a lighter would you?".
  11. .. I have to honestly say that if I'm in the cage, I'd probably stop to offer assistance.. but on a bike.. I figured there is very little I can do to help.. I'm no mechanic, know swat about what could have gone wrong, can probably help change a cage tyre.. But i'll be all geared up and it would be annoying. If they appeared to be completely lost and needed assistance, or in danger for whatever reason, i'd definitely stop to at least make a phone call.

    It's not that I don't want to help, it's more I wouldn't be of much help, and probably come across as a random nobody stopping out of curiosity more than genuinely trying to help.
  12. But the help you give could be your phone has reception when theirs doesn't. it might even be to help with directions. It isn't always mechanical
  13. I'm like you, I have very little mechanical know how. But unless you stop and ask you're not going to know. Trust me, when you're stuck on the side of the road, having a friendly voice say "Are you alright mate", is appreciated.
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  14. yeah i suppose aye.. aight then, i'll make a concerted effort to render assistance when it is practicable to do so.

    ... provided they're not Hells Angels or fully tatted up asians with shifty looking side burns.. or Italians wearing a top hat with a cigar hanging out of their mouth... or creepy women with long black hair over the front of the faces whilst wearing white ragged clothing with a funny twitch in her strides..
  15. Don't forget monicles. You can never trust dudes with monicles.
  16. Whats wrong with Hells Angels and the rest, They are people just like you.
    Wives, Kids, Familys,

    Is it because they look different,

    That creepy woman might have the hots for you, Funny twitch in her strides, Hahahahahaha
  17. I've stopped before (miss not-a-mechanic) - offered use of my phone if he needed it. He didn't, we had a quick chat and I was on my way. Sometimes its just nice to know people give a sh!t. Specially when your baby's broken and you've got a lonely 2 hr wait on the side of the road.
  18. .. lol..

    In other words, I just don't want to be caught up in something that drags me into the middle of something else.. I mean we all look for trouble when riding... and generally we (should) try to avoid it rather than go head on into it ;)

    That creepy woman... watch the Ring.. or the Grudge.. ** Shivers... at the thought of "it" having the hots for me **
  19. Hahahaha.. actually.. I'd stop for some English tea and some scones.. "ya kno wha i meyn"
  20. I haven't seen either of those movies, but (disturbingly) my father used to say, "You don't look at the mantle piece when you're stoking the fire".