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The bike was tired!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by GavinB, Oct 29, 2008.

  1. I know it was well past her bed time...
    I know she was getting really annoyed with practising U-turns inside 6m...
    I know she was getting a little grumpy with me always using the rear brake for correction...
    I know she was tired for never getting out of 2nd...

    But did she really just have to go and take a lie down :?:

    Now I have to go and replace a right hand front indicator...
    Straighten out the stem the new one will mount to...
    Somehow repair a fairing that now has no "clip" to hook onto the headlight surround with.

    Why didn't she just say she was getting tired and needed a little sleep :?:
  2. Ah well. That's why you start on a small bike, much less expensive that way. :)
  3. Oh well, I picked up my new toy last Friday, got on it on Saturday and promplty tried to ride it into the side of the house. Almost giving my bf the much needed excuse to knock the spare bedroom wall down and fit a roller door so he could park his bike in the house.....
  4. You might not need to replace the indicator - they patch up pretty well with black electrical tape. The clear lens is easy enough to replace (less than $10) but the actual indicator assembly is somewhere in the $90 range. Unless you smashed it beyond repair, I'd say wait until you are sure that you won't be dropping the bike again before you swap it out for a new indicator assembly. (Next time you see a CBR125 on the street check the indicators - I've seen plenty that are strapped up with tape.) Oh, and watch out for the little foam gasket thing that cushions the lens. They are easy to lose, and easy to tear.

    The fairings are pretty cheap too (at least, compared to fairings for the bigger bikes!). But there again, I'd probably hold off replacing the fairing until you are pretty sure you won't be dropping the bike again in a hurry. You'd be amazed what you can achieve with a bit of tape and a few cable ties. :)

    The stem that the indicator bolts on to is a bit trickier. You need to get the fairing off to get a good grip on it, and you have to put the fairing and indicator stalk back into position after each adjustment to see whether you've got it right. It is fiddly, but not a deal breaker. If it is the left indicator you have to be extra careful because there is a hook that holds the brake cable that attaches to the same piece of tubing. If you are trying to drag the tubing back into position you can bend this retention hook in the process, and you really don't want to snap it.

    Good luck with the patch up!
  5. bloody hell Gav :(

    blame the wife blame the wife.. HAHAHA

    I have told you before nothing like to be ridden when its tired :p

    Let me know if you need me to help or heckle
  6. Yeah I found that!
    What happened in this instance was that the bulb housing was ripped from the base of the indicator. The globe / lens etc are all fine and dandy.
    In order to get the housing back onto the base, I had to remove a (now) twisted piece of aluminium with a screw that holds the two parts together. The housing slotted straight back in and the ubiquitous black electrical tape keeps it together nicely.

    Again, rather luckily, I suppose, it's just the hook (on the left fairing) and the "slot" it goes into on the headlight surround (I am sure there is an appropriately better term for it). It's (the fairing, proper) not cracked / all screws are still steady in place. There is a very small 2-3mm gap now that isn;t on the RHS but I don't see it being a problem at the massive 120 kph that I might get up to downhill on a 125!

    Yeah! I noticed there was a fair bit more happening on the left hand side, while I was poking around! Thanks - a little prior knowledge goes a long way!

    Overall, very , very minor and thankfully pretty easy (and cheap) to fix - even when I get around to replacing the whole indicator @ $90 is relatively painless to what could have gone wrong!

  7. Surely, that's just called team work? :grin:

    Hope the bike doesn't need a lot of attention.

  8. Hi Nigel,

    I did try to blame the better half - but for some reason she wasn't co-operating !

    As you know - Heckling is always welcomed!

    Thanks - thankfully rather easy to fix this time around!

  9. How could she talk when you are wringing her neck and choking her already :|
    poor her.... !!
  10. SOME I know really go for that!

  11. wont be a good sight next morning i guess. :)
  12. My old bike fairings was held together by cable tie, tape and glue for 4 months until it let go when I was doing 160kph. I would have held longer if I wasnt doing that kind of speed so many times that day...