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The Bike Should Be Called Dana (07 CBR 600RR)

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by FALCON-LORD, Jun 30, 2008.

  1. About a week ago I had the chance to take Dougz 600RR for a short blat, bare in mind the sun had just gone down and it was still bang smack in the middle of the afternoon peak (With a little drizzle to boot).
    So the key goes in, the electronics all spin up, and the button is pressed. A tweak of the throttle and she barks to life. I sling my keys to Dougz and start backing the bike out of the drive.. A few blips of the throttle and I note it is pretty punchy in the rollon, so I’m pretty damn gentle on the clutch. Clutch? WTF It is a binary switch almost. On, Off, On, Off… OK So the throttle is binary and so is the clutch this is going to be… Interesting!
    I manage to stall the damned thing… Twice! There is just something about rolling it on that keeps making me hesitate like no other bike I have ridden. Eventually I just grit my teeth (And my sphincter) and go for it. I get her rolling then go up to second, That wasn’t so hard was it (Heart thumping like a jack hammer). I pull in the clutch and give it a blip. Once again she lets out a nasty bark. Now I am not talking a happy dog running up and saying “hello†type bark. I am talking “I’m going to rip your head off and $hit down your throat†type of bark. Seriously this bike is nasty, She Growls, She Barks, She Bites, She Claws…
    So we get a little way down the road, and I start getting used to the power and very quickly learn that if I over gear it a little it doesn’t threaten to tear my head off with quite the same aggression. The unfortunate thing is this is decidedly easy to do. Any way we move onto some twisty roads, and I get to pushing the bike through the turns. I will have to say it has razor sharp response, just like the motor it responds instantly, this whole bike is hard and sharp and for that very reason when you first get on it scares the $hit out of you. Onwards we go through the bends, and the suspension just soaks up every inconstancy and makes it quite dreamy. Now I know my speed was way down being on an unfamiliar bike in the dark, but I could see that this bike just wanted more and more and more… It just gives you whatever you want. The catch is you have to be very particular with what you ask for, because otherwise she has surprises in store.
    Any way, brake time comes along, and I just genteelly pull on the anchors. I don’t feel the same sort of spongy response that my little ZZR gives me, just the feeling of her pulling up. It wasn’t like I couldn’t feel or control the breaking, but just that it was smoother than anything else I have put the anchors on before. Just like every thing else to do with this bike, it was a little disconcerting, but when you get used to it I think would be a dream.
    Eventually I got used to the clutch and split some traffic, I found once again that you really can bog down the motor if you run to high in the gears (All tight splitting has to be done in first) then out on to the freeway. Here there was nothing to be concerned about, Any gear any time once you are over 100, this is where the motor is in it’s element, but I feel that the frame is capable of so much more.
    We finished the loop with some more twisty bits, and I was definitely getting more of a feel for the bike, but I know for sure that more hours would be needed to get comfortable on a 600RR.
    So the good the bad and the ugly.
    The Good. The bike is responsive in everything. Throttle brakes, and especially handling, it is just built to do what you ask of it.
    The Bad. With the Clutch set up as it was on this RR it can be very hard to control the throttle at low speed, In addition to this, you can’t just jump on this bike and be comfortable, it is defiantly a bike that you approach with some care until you get used to it. But once you do, It feels like it has so much to offer
    The Ugly. A Beginner with ego issues could get things very, VERY wrong if they didn’t show this bike the respect it deserves.

    In Short. I didn’t really enjoy my first run on a 600RR, but not because the bike is bad in any sense, but because I really think I need more time in the saddle to get the feel of how to ride this bike properly.
    Hey Dougz want to go for another ride?

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  2. Thanks for the writeup :)

    Typically modern honda bikes are all the same, you get used to it :)
  3. Lol your doing better than Loz....he stalled it like 5 times just getting it out the driveway. meanwhile you shouldve seen dougz face he was definetly reconsidering :LOL: :LOL: sorry bud :wink:
  4. Nice writeup Jase :)

    I don't know why you guys can't seem to use the clutch :? I stalled it once when leaving the dealership and have had no dramas since.

    Oh, and of course you can have another ride dude :LOL:
  5. Gotta ride the clutch more on the take offs.

    Got stuck in traffic in the eastlink tunnel yesterday... The clutch lever was absolutely killed my left hand in the stop start traffic.. The emergency lane was looking pretty sweet.

    Thats my only complaint with the bike.