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NSW The bike has been in the shed for just over a year...

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Bracken, Sep 28, 2012.

  1. Hi guys,

    The bike has had to take a back seat while the mrs and i planned our wedding and brought a house.
    Well, we moved in 2 months ago and have been married for 3 weeks tomorrow, so its time to get this thing back on the road!

    Its been out of rego for over a year, so obviously a blue is required.

    Do i just ride her down to the local mechanic and get one?
    Do i need anything from the RTA?
    Or do i have to take it on a trailer? (that i dont have)

    Thanks guys, cant wait to get back out there!
  2. Only certain places can do blue slips, the RTA (or whatever they are calling themselves now) website has a list of them.

    You can ride the bike to the inspection site sans registration, but don't be caught a long way off the most direct route from your house or place of storage and the inspection site.
  3. Book into the mechanics before you ride it to them so that you can prove that you were going there.
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  4. Good idea.

    Thanks Paul, ill check the list now!
  5. there are a few things to do to your bike if it has been sitting for a year,drain fuel and check in side of fuel tank for RUST,check acid level and charge battery ,,i allways poor some oil down the plug holes and kick the bike over a few times with out spark plugs in ,when you do start the motor it will blow some smoke for the first few seconds ,,clean and set spark plugs ,if it has points clean and set the gap ,grease any grease points on bike , oil up all CABLES throttle clutch ,when you remove the throttle cable re grease the handle bar cable mount on the twist grip
  6. and if it has carb drain the old fuel out of carb