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The bike (FINALLY!!!)

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by FiremanSam762, Jan 6, 2012.

  1. Hey guys,

    So I popped down to Peter Stevens, Ringwood and picked up mah first bike.
    It's a 2009 Kawasaki Ninja 250. Had 10,333km's on it and whilst that may seem like a lot to some, I'd call it 'run in'. New tires + brakes and some other maintenance done on it by their workshop (had been previously dropped on its RHS). Came with the OEM cowl and original seat plus a tail-tidy, am gonna leave the latter off until I get off my L's and can afford to pay the fine...

    Plans for mods are:

    - New bar-ends
    - New Oil cap (if I have coin to waste)
    - New pipe
    - New tank pad
    - Replacing the "Ninja" decals that were taken off the bike by the previous owner
    - Running a Green (or white) LED strip around the headlights to give the DRL effect
    - Considering a new horn + LED turn signals
    - Brake light modulator
    - Contemplating a set of Pro-grips (thoughts everyone?)

    Enjoy the pictures! (It really is VERY green up close and personal). Bike in the blue is my mates GS500. :]


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  2. Last pic, I promise!


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  3. Well done.

    Hopefully I'll be putting up one of these threads soon.

    Can't wait. Enjoy the ride.

  4. Nice bike, what's the deal with the tail tidy? They're illegal ?
  5. What is a tail tidy ??
  6. looks the goods mate...

    btw the garden hose matches your bike in pic 1 woot
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  7. Very very cool. I'm jealous of how you must be feeling right now. Simply nothing like your first. Have fun and stay safe.
  8. Thanks for the kind words guys (keep em coming! :p )

    Re: tail tidy (Aka Fender Eliminator...Aka chopping the mudguard off), I'm told by a TMU/HWP/TOG/TLA friend of mine that a bike must have a particular percent of it's wheel covered by a guard/tail/mud flap. A fender eliminator kit looks awesome on these, but is illegal in Victoria (other states I'm not sure).

    Re: Learner sessions, I hope to get down to some of those when I get back from my trip away...on the iPhone ATM, so making nice neat quotes will have to wait till I get back too!

    And finally, re: garden hose...I also bought some stuff from Repco on my way past, even the bike's sponge/chamois is bright green! (unintentionally I might add.)

    Stay safe everyone!