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The bike choice....

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Death_logic, Feb 6, 2006.

  1. CBR 250

  2. ZX2R

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  3. ZZR 250

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  4. or somthing else

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  1. I have just got my license and looking for a bike i was thinking for a long time now to get the ZX2R or CBR 250 or ZZR 250, simply cannt make up my mind lol.So i was wonderin which one of you noobs got which bike and why?

  2. The only thing to do is test ride them all and choose the one you like best.

    No one can tell you which one is best for you.
    It will come down to which one you like best and price.

    But if you are looking at the sportier bikes you should include the GPX250 and maybe the across. The VTR 250's are good.

    I'm in this situation at the moment, albeit with the larger flavour of 2 wheeled machines.

    My 2c.
  3. you have just got your L's or something ?

    i think you should be looking at a bike with a bit of on sell value, across would probably be good and there is PLENTLY OF THEM for sale. it has a 'glovebox' hehe so you wont need to get any or many add ons for luggage. and you will probably want to sell it when u get your full licence.
  4. cheaper and newer than a cbr250 (better looking?) a little less performance but 250's are slow anyway.

    not too sporty a riding position either so it's comfy for longer rides.

    all up i'm very happy with my choice :biker:
  5. I was lucky enough to have a friend selling her cbr250rr just as i was lookin for a bike when i got my L's so that made the decision a lot easier.

    Most people will tell u that there isn't a whole lot of difference between the bikes you've got there, so it might come down to your own personal preference and maybe a good deal.

    I've found that with my cbr250rr, since its a pretty common bike, spare parts are a bit easier to come by at wreckers so if u bought a less common bike, like the cbr250R (single R), you might be payin more for repairs and spare parts.
    not sure what its like with the zxr or the zzr, could be the same so its up to u.
  6. More than happy with my VTR250, easy to ride, vtwin, looks pretty cool, sounds good, good resale, good for taller people (like me )
  7. also look at the hyosung as well the 250 comet or the flared version the gt 250 (not sure if its the gt) buts a 250 neither the less and also cheeper
    this was my first bike and i enjoyed it
    they are newer and nice and easy to ride as well... not as fast as a cbr or any of the bikes u metion but still all those bikes would loose against a 600 or 2 stroke
  8. Having trouble deciding on a 250, wait till its time to upgrade :shock:

    Don't get too hung up on it, get what suits your body and the riding you will be doing.

    Spend up on good gear, it'll outlast your first bike and may save your ass.
  9. Yah... spending more on gear and less on a 250 is generally a better long term option if your budget isn't unlimited and most peoples isn't.

    Most people are understandably all excited about getting a 250 now but after they are off restrictions they can't wait to upgrade.

    Spending too much money on a 250 can mean restricting your choice in 12 months time, so take that into consideration.

    At the end of the day it really doesn't matter much what 250 you have, just buy what you can afford and what makes you go "oooo that's nice" and you'll be fine.
  10. I wish for me the 250 decision was as easy as saying "I only have it for a year so go for the good deal" But I can tell that twelve months down the track when I can upgrade the Purchasing department (Wife) will be saying "You have a bike so what is the problem. no upgrades for you"
    At which point I expect to go through two years of intence negotiations before I get to upgrade.

    So for me it is a decision I will be making with some care.
  11. Falcon Lord,

    Same issue, you just bought a bike why do you need another? so the decision on a bike was a big one.

    I chose the Hyosung GT250 and must say I love it, the reasons for the choice are:

    Looked cool, what's that? a 250? nooo
    It fits me, 6'2" and ahem 95kgs
    2 year warranty, peace of mind [me no understand mechanics]
    Price, $8k all up including $2k worth of riding gear
    NEW, love new things :grin:
    NAKED, I love saying that word Oh and it's a bit cheaper to insure.
    Did I say it doesn't look like a 250? :cool:

    Had the bike for a week or so now and love it, gears a bit nitchy but they will bed in. Commuted from Mt Martha to the CBD twice now and the upright position helps a lot in traffic. :shock:

    Best of luck, if the bike makes you go hmmmmm then that's a good start.
  12. start the negotiations earlier then :p

    the people that can handle staying on the 250 for more than the forced 15 months are few and far between. trust me, the 250 will be gone as soon as you can get rid of it, they're fun, but oh so painfully slow after a little while :LOL: then you start looking at the build quality :roll:
  13. 250 selection - make sure it fits

    Take a test sit at minumum - if your larger than the average bloke in width, length, or even feet you will find some of the 250's too small. I couldnt fit on any of the jap 250's (esp the CBR250rr) and ended up with a bigger framed european bike. Fit was good, thats my excuse. As suggested, a test ride will tell you more about how comfortable you will be on the bike and highly recommended.

    Watch out for shops that only sells 250's, same bikes to be had cheaper else where and while they may have a fresh lick of paint they can be hiding a long history of abuse. Second hand or a 'regular' dealer will generally give you a much better deal...

  14. you fit on an RS, but the likes of the bandit are just too small? :shock:

    methinks you just wanted some extra style, was nothing to do with fit was it :wink: you can tell me, i wont tell your wife :wink: :wink:

    :p :p
  15. I agree that better gear is more important than the 250. However remember the 250 market is a very closed one, you get pretty good resale value as long as you don't have too many dents in the fuel tank.